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In Beautiful Eastern Oregon!

   We are back now at our Northeast Oregon Home Ranch in Richland, Oregon, with a nice string this summer, some we've had over the the past year, and a couple not yet posted, putting them through their paces in our WHR Foundation to Finished bridle horse program and WHR Acid Tests. All are well-bred, gentle, very friendly, and grounded horses. 

   The high standards we are known for require diligent attention to detail, and we are all about that. Our task list for our geldings continues to grow, and these horses we develop must perform! Call to get your dibs in; we already have several clients in line! Visit with Wil or Beverly at 541-893-6535 to make an appointment and/or sign up for a weekend clinic to find your match.

   Offering education and "good ones" like no other... that's the WHR difference.

Wil Howe Ranch Premier Geldings

   WHR offers only a small, select group of premier geldings, hand-picked and personally trained and ridden by Wil & Beverly. We specialize in building all-around finished, in the bridle, neck-reining ranch versatility cow horses and the ultimate "Cadillac" trail horse, solid in performance horse arena training and seasoned with ranch use & mountain trail miles.

   All of our horses are trained the same and exhibit the qualities most important to discerning horsemen.  

   If you don't see what you are looking for here, give us a call; we often have horses not yet posted that are going through our program. We also take custom orders. Give us some time to work with you and we'll find just the right horse for you...we're the match-makers!

   Making friends out of our horse clients for over 30 years!

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