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Oregon Home Ranch

3-Day Outback Trail Training - Mini Training Tune-Up

Our Trail Training sessions offer our WHR "safety first" approach to trail riding. We have years of outback trail experience and promote performance trail riding practices which produce a well-rounded horse who will trust their rider's leadership and go anywhere you ask them.

May 29-31 (arrival day May 28th)
Fee: $1050

WHR Horse Use: $300

5-Day Outback Trail Training - Foundation to Finished

This course is geared for horse people who are interested in better performance from their horse out on the trail, in mountain trail challenge competitions, or in Extreme Cowboy events. You and your horse will gain new confidence-building skills as we work together navigating through rocks, creeks, bogs, sandy washes, over logs, bridges, and many more hazards in both natural settings and our trail courses. 

June 2-6 (arrival day June 1st)
Fee: $1650

WHR Horse Use: $500

6-Day From Foundation to Finished - Bridle Horsemanship

Original full course; everything horses from A to Z! Repeat students thrive!
This course is truly an institute of knowledge, more than most students find comprehensible at first. It addresses the full range of horsemanship--understanding horse psychology, ownership, maintenance, and care, including health, training, tuning, and advancing to your goals. From basic horsemanship and all the "little things that count" to the refined art of finishing training, Wil and Beverly fulfill the school's reputation for excellence in teaching.

June 24-29 (arrival day June 23rd)
Fee: $1950
WHR Horse Use: $600

3 Day Cattle Working Training Session -
Reined Cow Horse and Ranch Cutting & Sorting

This course is an exciting opportunity to take advantage of Wil's reining and cattle-working knowledge and expertise.​ His concise formula for teaching the dynamics of working cattle applies to competition working cow horse, cutting, team sorting & penning, and versatility ranch work. You will learn how to improve your scores, enhance your times, save stress on your cattle, and have more fun when handling cattle--no more fighting with your horse, the cattle, or your partners!

June 29–July 1 (arrival day June 28th)
Fee: $1300
WHR Horse Use: $300



Combined 8-Day Training Session (FFF & Cow Working)
June 24-July 1 (arrival day June 23rd)
Fee: $3075
WHR Horse Use: $800

5-Day Cowgirl Ranch Horse Retreat

Cowgirls! Step up into a deep stirrup and come along for the ride! Arena schooling/training, trail blazin', and cow chasin' the WHR way. It's a full week of dust, sweat, and spurs...and a lot of fun!

July 9-13  (arrival day July 8th)
Fee: $1750

WHR Horse Use: $500

Private Clinics & Partial Course Participation Available - Book Now!

Call Beverly for details at 541-893-6535

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