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How it Works...

   Coming to the Ranch to Try Out & Purchase

   a WHR Gelding


  • Make phone contact with Wil, as he will need to establish a relationship, your needs, and price range, etc. Inquire about the price of the particular horse or horses you are interested in to be sure that it is within your budget and confirm that you are serious and financially prepared to purchase a horse.

  • Deposits:  We do take deposits. A $2500 deposit (non-refundable, but transferable) will hold a horse. 

  • Make an Appointment:  Join us at one of our ranch locations depending on the time of year--Cochise, Arizona in the winter, or Richland, Oregon in the summer. Give yourself plenty of time when you come; at least one full day, preferably two. 

  • Accommodations: At our Oregon location we can put you up for free in our quaint and rustic yet comfortable student bunkhouse with bathhouse, or you may choose to stay at a local motel three miles from the ranch. We have coffee available mornings at our outdoor patio kitchen/BBQ, which is available for your use. A country cafe is also three miles away in town. In Arizona, local motels and dining are 10 to 30 minutes away. We have RV hook-ups at both locations.

  • Getting Here/Major Airports:  In Oregon, we are a three-hour drive from Boise, Idaho (Idaho is Mountain Time, we are Pacific Time). In Arizona, we are 1½ hours from Tucson or 3½ hours form Phoenix. There are smaller local county airports an hour away from both locations.

  • What to Expect From Your Visit to the Ranch to Purchase a Horse:  Expect a casual visiting period to get acquainted and discuss again your horse needs, desires, and background in a more personal & relaxed setting. The first day of trying out the horse/s with instructions is free of charge to see if your needs and chemistry match with a horse in and out of the arena. If you plan to stay on for a second day of instructions, this provides you a two-day mini clinic on how to get along with your new WHR gelding, exposure to how they are trained, and how the horse should be handled for optimum results. The appropriate tack for the horse is also made available. The fee for the second day private lesson is $375 per rider. This mini clinic is a great stepping off point to get acquainted with your new WHR mount but in no way can this replace the experience & knowledge for your continued success that you could receive by attending one of our complete Horsemanship courses or by scheduling a private clinic session. This is highly recommended prior to shipping the horse, and many of our clients who have had the most success with their WHR geldings have taken full advantage of this opportunity.


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