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Happy Horse Clients


Imagine owning the horse of your dreams...these folks found theirs at Wil Howe Ranch and are making it happen, advancing their horsemanship like they never imagined possible. Let their stories inspire you to add your own...give us a call and we'll find the perfect horse for you.

"When I count my blessings, I count my Wil Howe gelding twice!"
S. Schaffer, New Meadows, ID

"Gus is nothing but perfect! and handles everything like a pro. He just proves to be everything you said he was and more! Many thanks and love to you both, for doing what you do and doing it so well."

J.Smaby, Peterson, MN

"Smoke’s calm and friendly manner, and, of course, his good looks, have made him very popular at the ranch!  He’s everything you said he was, and I’m thoroughly enjoying him. It was a pleasure doing business with you."
J.K. Ventura, CA

Just thought I would say hi and let you know how much I appreciate Easy that I got from you. It has been about four years or so and he just gets better for me, so I thought it was about time to tell you so. Since I have had him we have been through just about everything possible while trail riding and he has not once done anything stupid. He has taught me so much that it is unbelievable, this is one thing people don't think about when they buy a horse, a good horse that is. We all want a horse that will do what we want, but we fail to realize that a good bridle horse can teach us something just about every time we ride him; that is if we are paying attention. Anyway, getting one of your geldings was the best money I ever spent, so I wanted to say thanks.

T. Moore, Eugene, OR

For the past two weekends we have entered Dutch in California State Horsemen’s Association Trail Trials. We entered him as a “” horse! In the first trial, he received three year-end points and tied for first place. Since he tied, there was a special tie-breaker obstacle...hobbles. Dutch won “hooves down” (the rider couldn’t even get the hobbles on the other horse!). This Sunday we hauled him to another Trail Trial and he earned one point and won first place blue ribbon. The shows had about 25 to 30 entries. He’s a great horse!

B.D., Freemont, CA

Contributing Editor, Trail Rider Magazine


We are so very pleased with Scottie. Thanks for helping us find such a wonderful horse. It was refreshing to meet such honest and open folks like you both. In March, 2003, at his first week-long police horse training clinic in Pomona, Scottie was the best there and earned the honor of being chosen from over 60 horses to carry the American flag in the closing ceremonies.

J. Stone, Willits, CA

Thanks for all your patience. You gave me so much more confidence than I had. Our new Wil Howe horse, Happy, is doing great. On our last trail ride, Happy did the best of all the horses. Our friend wanted to buy him, but I told him “NO WAY”! Thanks for your support.

B Kitz, Issaquah, WA

I just wanted to keep you updated on Dandy and I. We have been doing Barrels and running with the 2D class now, we are going so fast. We have won two blankets, mass ribbons, and several hundred in cash. Then we went and did some Western Pleasure (I know, Wil calls it Western Misery) and took a first in Equitation! We went reining at the Pinto show and took a first and a second. Now we are headed to run Barrels this weekend. He is so fit and has been a blast to ride. I am so glad now that everything went the way that it did and I ended up with a DANDY! Take care, and THANK YOU for all your help these past few years.

S. Lunceford, Enumclaw, WA

The Three Amigos are doing great. Trail riding is such a pleasure with our new Wil Howe horses… we can’t thank you enough. They were perfect gentlemen. What a wonderful week! It was unbelievable how much we all learned. You are so very thorough in your instruction, we just wanted to thank you again. A good time was had by all.

J, J, & A Loomis, Napa, CA

The “Duke” has been a wonderful mount for me. At 78 years, I was Grand Marshall at the Round Up this year; he was a champ. Whitney made Rodeo Queen for next year and will be riding her Wil Howe gelding! Thank you for so much for both horses.
M. Bishop, President

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Portland, OR

My Wil Howe gelding, Pepper, is doing well, and as I grow to meet his abilities, we continue to be a good match. I have gotten many compliments from fellow boarders who marvel at his friendly and calm disposition. Your principals and techniques offered me a solid start, giving me the confidence that “I can do it!” Thanks for everything.

N. Sorani, Gridley, CA

Just wanted to drop you a short note and say hello. My beautiful Wil Howe gelding, Nugget, is a great little horse and I am still having a lot of fun on him. He is very brave, curious, and willing. In May of this year, I brought him to a weekend clinic put on by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol. Nugget did everything asked of him and amazed people with his abilities and willingness to go new places. I got a great certificate for passing the weekend course! I look at your website frequently and imagine owning yet another one of your great horses. Happily, I am not “in need” of a horse right now and won’t be for a long, long time. I plan on just getting better and better with Nugget.

S. White, Half Moon Bay, CA

We are continuing to really enjoy our Wil Howe gelding, Pepto. He’s just a solid all-around horse, great attitude, pays attention, loves people, etc. The head trainer where we board who prefers mares & reining horses, her comment about Pepto was, “A horse like that is worth a million bucks...he’ll never let you down.” Enjoy your fall and winter (including a little Arizona sunshine) and we’ll be back!

B & M Garrett, Snohomish, WA

Hi, love this little guy! He is truly my dream horse… I don't know what my life would be without him. We have truly connected. He is so soft and collected, nice and quiet, but has a lot of heart. He did great on an eight-day 90-mile pack trip on the Continental Divide. Freckles is one great horse and we’re having a lot of good times together. I really got lucky with this one! Thank you so much.

J Suit, Prescott, Az

Big Mo is doing great! Nothing riles this Wil Howe horse. We just went on a 100-mile ride through the Ozarks. He was the best horse on the trip!

B. Martin, St. Louis, MO

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