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What Makes a Wil Howe Gelding So Special?


These select, handsome Registered Quarter Horse and Paint geldings are hard to find, well-trained, all around using horses. Some are trained and tuned for various performance events, ready to go on in competition. But most important, they are sound, mannerly, obedient, quality horses; the ones you look long and hard for.


We take pride in our reputation for offering the finest selection of quality using geldings and for suiting each horse and buyer to create the perfect match. This ensures happy, successful clients who can succeed in attaining their goals for their level of horsemanship. For over 40 years, we have satisfied clients throughout the entire United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, offering quality geldings suited to the buyer's needs.


Our geldings all have a nice, willing, working attitude with excellent ground manners. They are hobble broke, stand still to mount, step up to a mounting block on verbal command, cross water, open and close gates, load easily, stand tied quietly and are easy to catch, bathe, clip, and shoe. Each horse has been through our From Foundation to Finished© training program with extensive personalized attention.


They all have an excellent neck rein, are responsive to leg cues, handle composed and collected at a walk, trot, and canter, know their leads, and stop and back-up without question. They have been trained and used in the arena and in steep, rough, high desert country and on mountain trails. All have worked cattle, making them well conditioned and seasoned for use. In addition, each horse is kept on a regular worming, shoeing, and vaccination program, and are seen by an accredited equine chiropractor and equine dental specialist.

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