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Ladies Only!

Practical Horsemanship

with Equine Master Trainer & Coach, 
Beverly Howe


A comprehensive educational experience in a warm atmosphere of sisterhood…


Thanks so much for giving me wings to fly, or a seat and confidence to ride! The combination of confidence and competence that you instill, Bev, is one in a million. I will hear your voice or see your horse imitations at every turn! I deeply appreciate your expertise and patience. Your attention and the care you gave me meant so much. Most of all, your Ladies Class taught me to laugh and enjoy myself with the horses.                                          D. Child, Portland, OR


Join Beverly and other women with the same interests for an intimate week of relationship and confidence-building for you and your horse.


With Beverly’s energetic “you can do this too!” attitude and emotional support, you’ll learn a positive and practical approach to getting the most out of your horse activities. This class covers details that concern women most when handling and riding horses, including:


  • Leadership in ground work

  • Confidence & harmony exercises to overcome fear and/or a bad experience with horses

  • Effective riding skills & communication, getting the most out of your horse with correct cues, use of seat, reins, leg aids, and spurs

  • Equine bodywork & stretching exercises

  • Effective grooming, bathing, clipping, & equine health care techniques

  • Handling potential conflicts of living with a non-horsey mate, spouse, or other family member.


You'll have riding time in the round pens, covered and outdoor arenas, the ranch obstacle course, and pro-active trail riding on nearby trails.


Through Beverly’s insightful experience, learn to tap your inner abilities, develop self-awareness, and really attain results. From the arena to the trails, she challenges every level of and your horse will be glad you came to this fun and educational experience!


You'll Learn . . . 

  • Horse psychology, keeping the “Proper Perspective” of your horse/human relationship

  • Equine leadership skills

  • Effective communication with your horse, on the ground or in the saddle

  • Empowering techniques to overcome fear and relax with your horse

  • Practical, proper, and safe riding skills

  • How to be in charge of your horse, in any circumstance!


You'll Do . . .

  • Groundwork in the round pen and long-line & obstacle exercises

  • Equine massage and stretches that benefit you and your horse, both physically and mentally

  • Yoga stretches to enhance ease in the saddle

  • Bareback riding to develop an independent seat, balance, coordination, and confidence

  • Arena exercises and drills in one-on-one and group lessons

  • Trail riding, navigating the Wil Howe Ranch trail and obstacle course with varying challenges

  • Cattle-moving sessions, learning the basics to drive and handle a small herd


You'll Accomplish . . .

  • Leadership with your horse and yourself!

  • Confidence to meet challenges

  • Riding with rhythm and harmony like never before!

  • Advanced horsemanship skills needed to attain your personal goals


You'll Have Fun . . .

  • Sharing with other women of similar interests

  • Sitting around the campfire with new-found friends

  • Staying in our quaint summer bunkhouses

  • Wading & cooling the horses in our refreshing Eagle Creek


Beverly Howe has been training horses and instructing riders with compassion, zeal, and professional integrity for over 30 years, training over 20 different breeds. Formerly showing Western Pleasure, Trail, English, Dressage, and Jumping horses, she has since joined her husband in his forte and now enjoys training and showing Reined Cow Horses and Ranch Roping Versatility Horses.


Advance & ride like you’ve always dreamed!

I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at the ranch and learned even more the second time around at your Ladies class--I was amazed! I could tell that you put so much effort and energy into your teaching. Thanks for sharing your passion so generously.

M. Wolfe, Naperville, IL

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Ladies Only week with Beverly at your ranch. It was everything I thought it would be and more! I learned so much, and I know all my little successes throughout the week were supported by your expertise and encouragement. Thank you for being such a gracious hostess, patient instructor, and a lot of fun around the campfire at night!



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