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Outback Trail Training


Our Trail Training sessions offer our WHR "safety first" approach to trail riding. We have years of outback trail experience and promote performance trail riding practices which produce a well-rounded horse who will trust their rider's leadership and go anywhere you ask them.


We cover safety prep, situation tactics training, and horsemanship for all phases of pleasure trail riding, from country roadside riding to rough terrain/desert/mountain trails and back country riding. We include conditioning horse and rider to handle spooky obstacles and challenging situations with confidence and composure with desensitizing sessions in the arena and hobble training. We'll also address squaw hobble training, highline tying, and trail tack uses and applications for horse camping.


This course is geared for horse people who are interested in better performance from their horse out on the trail, in trail competitions, or in Extreme Cowboy events. You and your horse will gain new confidence-building skills as we work together navigating through rocks, creeks, bogs, sandy washes, over logs, bridges, and many more hazards in both natural settings and our obstacle trail courses. We also cover how to prevent problems with group riding, and ultimately how to produce a versatile and obedient, brave trail horse through collection and proper horsemanship.


You'll receive practical hands-on experience while riding either in the scenic Dragoon Mountains and Cochise Stronghold country of southeast Arizona or our high desert Hells Canyon country and mountains of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in northeast Oregon. Our ranch locations are challenging, fun and exciting for any level rider.


Classes vary from four to six days with occasional Return Rider excursions. Private Instruction sessions can be arranged by appointment. Call for availability.

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