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Cowgirls ONLY

Ranch Horse Retreat - Performance Horsemanship with Beverly Howe


If you are a horsewomen looking to step up your horsemanship and ramp up your performance to run faster times, score higher, receive more blues, or just ride prettier, out-think your horse and reach total unity in the saddle…this is the experience for you!


Join Beverly Howe as she guides you and your horse through a process that will hone your skills, sharpen your awareness, and give you techniques to achieve!


It's Beverly's Beyond-the-Basics and Back-to-Basics Progressive Performance Practical Horsemanship, advancing those horsewomen who aspire in Reining, Barrel Racing, Rodeo, Versatility Ranch Horse, Cow Horse, Trail Trials, Show Ring, Drill Team, Sorting, Mounted Shooting or Extreme Cowgirl Races. Cowgirls, this is for every one of you! Come learn secrets that'll keep you safe and your horse tuned for peak performance no matter what your event, sport, or recreation.


As Master Trainer and Instructional Coach, Beverly has been passionately training performance horses for over 30 years, teaching with enthusiasm and passing on a "you can do this too" attitude. She digs deep into foundational training and gets to the details that will propel you to success. Get more out of your horse and yourself! Learn team work with your mount and rethink your schooling approaches, lighten your hands and your horse's ribs, and gain body control at all speeds with exercises that will reform your horse, creating lasting results.


Using compassionate tough love, Beverly coaches with a sincerity and patience seldom found. Known for her attention to detail, she gets to the point and sees that her students get it too. The ranch setting and women-only group offer a warm atmosphere of sisterhood, so all participants can relax and focus on just their horse. While your spurs never come off and the days are spent with horse sweat and dust, the evenings offer the welcome treat of a shower and good conversation enjoyed by campfire.


Cowgirls! … Step up into a deep stirrup and come along for the ride!

You and your horse will be glad you did.


Here is a taste of what we'll be covering with the horses to attain optimum performance results:


  • Horse personality and cooperation drills in the round pen

  • 10 Step overview and bitting exercises

  • More flexibility exercises

  • Leg yielding and body control

  • Foot work drills and pattern drills schooling sessions

  • Advancing obstacle work

  • Speed control exercises

  • Stops & roll backs

  • Cow work

  • Time-out trail rides

You'll focus on communication with your horse through mental awareness exercises in relaxation, visualization, leadership, and confidence, creating better harmony with your horse. The mental aspect is combined with physical exercises to increase rider flexibility, balance, coordination and timing, all of which are essential for achieving your peak performance.


Whether you are competing or just dedicated to the experience of building that competent, competitive edge required to advance you and your horse's performance, no matter how long you you've been riding or who you have trained with, Beverly can help you reach your goals on your journey to true horsemanship.


NOTE:  All riders must be comfortable in the saddle at all three gaits, riding with two hands in a broken bit or snaffle, and have a basic understanding of leg aides and flexion, both laterally and vertically. This is not a dude ranch... this is boot camp!

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