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Wil Howe Ranch

School of Fine Horsemanship

We are located in NE Oregon and offer five different main instructional training sessions or clinic themes:
School Overview

In addition, we offer other informal workshops; Private Custom Instruction and personal Month-Long Instructional Programs.


During the summer months, our home is a small rustic horse operation in northeast Oregon not far from Hells Canyon and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. In the winter, we now head south to Mesquite NV, with time spent in Rio Verde-Scottsdale, Arizona and Private Sessions can be arranged at these locations there with Beverly by Appointment Only. 

"Remember, no matter where you are in your journey to becoming a horseman, it takes an investment of time and patience to attain your dream with your horse, attributes seldom found these days. Building a good horse and acquiring the skills to pursue any activity with your horse and do it well, are the rewards we can deliver on that journey. Being traditionalist western Vaquero-style bridle horse trainers, we know no way to speed the process; you need to take your horsemanship one step at a time, returning to the roots and exploring the depths of the foundational aspects of true horsemanship. Then you can build, challenge, and advance both you and your horse toward refinement. Let us show you the way...step out of the rat race and enjoy the ride!" 

Beverly Howe


Wil Howe's School of Fine Horse Training is truly one of a kind, an intensive "classroom in the corral". Our hands-on program is geared for the serious horse person, regardless of their level of experience, who truly has a desire to advance their skills. Each session is limited to only eight riders and no spectators, which allows us to form a close relationship with our students.


If you can ask the question, you're going to get the answer. "What you put out is what you get back" is a point that Wil stresses in training, and this applies equally to what can be learned in the school. Those with the ability and willingness to apply themselves and invest the energy can actually leave the school having attained the resources to successfully advance a horse to any performance level or specialized event they choose.


There is individual goal-oriented instruction for each rider and their horse by both Wil and Beverly. While Wil is a "speed reader" of horses, helping people to understand what there horse's needs are, Beverly is a pro at breaking down mental blocks and getting a person beyond where their problems in riding are keeping them from advancing. Truly a coach of coaches, her years of studying how riders affect their horse's reactions have proven invaluable. Personal attention is given to each student to help them improve their seat, leg aids, hands, timing, and proper effective use of spurs.


For anyone with a well-broke reiner or cutter, our school offers the greatest tune-up any advanced horse can get anywhere. Wil is able to teach you how to create a bright new response in horses whose routines have become dull and hum-drum. Many horses, soured by performance events, leave the school with a new outlook and a renewed spirit and zest for competition. Students learn exercises in "feel" and techniques to keep up the interest level in their horses and can then go on with a more in-depth knowledge of where their horse really is and what his particular needs are. Many trainers won't share these inside secrets, keeping their students dependent on them, but at the Wil Howe School, we share it all!


Saddle time includes not only lessons in the round pen and arenas and our own custom natural trail & obstacle course in the cottonwoods, but also out on high desert & mountain trails so we can apply our training tactics and expose the horses to all conditions and obstacles.


Each student is allowed the opportunity to ride one of our Wil Howe Ranch geldings for a brief period during the school for comparison purposes, insuring that students fully grasp the steps involved in the Wil Howe Training Program.


Wil & Beverly are a dynamic and down-to-earth team of instructors, sharing the Wil Howe message of horsemanship which is a philosophy and way of life developed and seasoned over the years. Humble and receptive individuals, these two have acquired immeasurable experience, insight, and knowledge which they willingly share with all who come.


This is not a dude ranch, but a school that teaches you how to train and finish horses.
We expect only earnest and eager students, willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Private Instruction Sessions and Month Long Instruction Programs can be arranged by appointment. Call for availability. 


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