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What people are saying about the

Wil Howe training videos...




With all of the revolutionaries out there in the market today, Howe is one of the best at keeping the message simple, honest and results-oriented.

Horseman’s World   Nationally-syndicated radio program



I have 59 other training tapes . . . none of them can compare to yours! Your philosophy is sound, your methods practical, your instruction clear and concise. I’m relieved that my "wild goose chases "are over. 
W.O.   Philadelphia, PA   Video and horse client


The Howes have done an outstanding job of presenting their "make-sense" approach to horse training, and they’ve done it with class. . . we strongly recommend buying the entire set as an investment in knowledge. 
Western Horseman    Review in April 1997 issue

Most training videos put me to sleep, but I stayed up ‘til 3 am and watched your whole series. . . They're great!
J.B.   D Bar M Western Store


Practical, useful, understandable information is what everyone looks for in a training tape, and Howe delivers just that. Howe makes complicated maneuvers simple. He has dissected all of the necessary parts of intricate maneuvers, and broken them down into small, manageable steps any rider can accomplish. Once learned, they can be combined to produce the fancy performance of highly trained horses.
Western Horseman   Reviews in July & October 1996 issues


The investment we made has paid off!  We are extremely pleased--your method works great for us. Our horses now have good manners and that sells horses. It also makes our own personal horses more fun to be around. Wish we had known about you 10 years ago!
F.& M.T.   Aberdeen, WA   Video and clinic participant


We’ve researched hundreds of horse training videos for our program and found yours a cut above the rest . . . Exceptional!
Horse-N-Around    East Coast Cable Network equine program

I’ve been around horses all my life and have been to other training clinics and studied horsemanship for years, but I want you to know that your program and equipment really work. The results were thrilling; it was like watching your video--only it was me doing it!  Thank you for sharing your program with us.  It’s made a real change in our attitude and our training program.
M.L.   Chehalis, WA   Video and clinic participant

Thank you for the great horse training videos.  The information is presented in a simple building block method that is easy to comprehend and the concepts are so thoroughly explained.  It is clear it is your intent to teach and educate, not just to entertain.
J.T.   Murrieta, CA   Video and school participant

It’s good to find someone who can do . . . and can teach. Very explanatory and easily understood by even, I would think, a novice.
D.B.   Mount Vernon, MO    Video customer

Some tapes may be brilliant examples of the trainer’s talents, but land over the head of the average horseman. This is not the case with Howe’s tapes. His explanations of important training segments are done simply, but with great attention to detail. These videos will help you, whether planning for a show career or training a trail horse.
Performance Horse   Review in August 1996 issue

One of the most valuable lessons Howe teaches is recognizing the signs or horse body language that tell you what the horse is thinking or feeling.

Western Horseman    Bunkhouse Reviews in July 1996 issue



Howe's entire program is a nice balance between the horse psychology and behavior theories and riding applications preached by today's horsemanship clinicians and the show ring techniques used by successful performance horse trainers.  What you get is the best of both worlds for you and your horse.
Western Horseman    Bunkhouse Reviews in October 1996 issue

Your three-tape series have proved to be extremely educational.  I have already put the information to good use.  It is my desire to present horses regardless of the activity which show poise, calm and control.  I believe your "way" is the right way, and if it can be done (cowboy action shooting) without blowing the horse's mind, you may have the answer.  Thank you very much for the generous way you have shared your knowledge. Thanks again for your excellent tapes.
R.R.   Hobson, MT

Wil's videos are very easy to understand.  I had some people over the other night and they are not horse people and they could understand what he was saying.  I have gotten so much out of the first video, things that I had forgotten.  This program is for me!  I love watching a horseman, and he is a horseman, not just a good hand.  I can only compare him with the people who have come out here calling themselves horseman to see the difference.  I've been in the horse-breaking business for thirty years, and it is time to enjoy my own horses.  Thank you very much, Wil, for passing on your knowledge to us "poor old fellas".
C.S.   Victoria, Australia

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