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Private Coaching Instruction

at Wil Howe Ranch or your own facility


 Beverly offers private training instruction lessons that can be customized for your personal needs. These can be arranged by appointment in between our regularly-scheduled school classes, and can be two-to ten-day events for just you, your family, or a select group. Private Instruction sessions are ideal for new WHR gelding clients to learn how to correctly handle, ride, and maintain their new horse.

We enjoy this informal format, as we can get down to the "nitty gritty" of each of your needs and spend as much time as required to address them. Focusing on particular areas gives you the opportunity to reach your personal goals, building from one skill to the next with your horse. 

Using our From Foundation to Finished© principles, we offer a variety of areas to choose from with specific goals to help you progress:


  •   Ground Work Horsemanship - Establishing & Reinforcing Leadership

  •   Riding & Horsemanship Lessons w/Arena Pattern Work & Exercises

  •   Snaffle Bit Training Work - FFF 10-Step Exercises

  •   Tuning Specific Maneuvers in Reining - Advanced FFF Steps

  •   Advancement Training & Bit Work - Beyond the Snaffle Bit

  •   Cow Work (Cutting, Reined Cow Horse & Ranch Versatility) *

  •   Trail Obstacle Course & Desensitizing Exercises

  •   Off Ranch -Trail Exposure Riding **


Lessons at either WHR location - $425/day per rider (4-6 hours instruction daily)

Return Rider Discount for former School students - $385/day per rider

Rates include board for your horse

Bunkhouse lodging is available for participants only, at our Oregon Home Ranch


Lessons/Clinic At your location** - $1250/day for Beverly, two-day minimum = $2500

5 horse/rider maximum, with one free spectator pass per participant

Additional spectators/auditors will be charged $100/day

Travel Expense: fuel or flight & travel/lodging will also be charged. 


*Extra cattle fee

** Extra travel fee



Month-Long Horsemanship Training Instruction Sessions


This special program for dedicated horsemanship students offers a month-long extended Horsemanship Training session. There will only be one or two students for each session, so it is a unique opportunity to really grow and advance your horsemanship and see both you and your horse progress as you acquire skills that will move you ahead.  Whether it's just to pursue a personal passion or to work towards making a career of training horses, you'll learn up-close and personal what Wil & Beverly have spent a lifetime to acquire and refine. No other experience can replace being in that presence, day in and day out, participating in the daily ranch activities and working the WHR horses. Hands-on horse training From Foundation to Finished, the Wil Howe Way...which really is a way of life.


Fee - $6000/month with payment plan

Pre-Paid Discount Fee - $5000/month

Includes use of the Ranch facilities - Round Pens, Riding Arenas, Ranch Obstacle and Natural Trail Course, Tack Experimentation, Bunkhouse Lodging ,Use of Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Campfire area, and cattle*. Lodging included at Oregon location.

Limited to 2 students

Availability: Month of June usually, inquire for other options.

  *Extra cattle fee

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