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Our 2010 Group of Geldings Has to Be One of the Best

WHR Fall Gelding Bonanza!

Our Best String Ever

After returning from our Wyoming summer ranch work, we always end the year with some wonderful geldings that we have acquired and trained over the year, and  the 2010  group has to be one of the best. Our season culminates in the fall and keeps us busy offering our horses and serving clients through Christmas time. This year we have a truly outstanding string of geldings; many we post online while they are still young, new in our program, or as we find them. As fall approaches and our horses advance along, becoming rock solid in the WHR way of doing things and handling, we are very excited about the group we're offering this year... It's a Bonanza!

Wil, by continuing his commitment to handle only the very finest horses he can get his hands on, saves you, the client, the hassle of trying to find "the right one". Let us help you start a relationship off on the right foot with the right horse...acid-tested the Wil Howe Way and suited just for your needs. We can arrange that.

With our current selection of 11 premier geldings, we can accommodate the most discerning of clients. We are proud to offer such a nice group of individuals, horses we ourselves like to throw a leg over and take off down the trail or out to do a job--gathering, sorting or roping--or just up the road for a sunset ride. Click here for the full listing, and watch for their videos to be posted later this month.

We hold horses with a deposit to secure your purchase option position, and also offer Horsemanship Clinic packages as well.  Call Wil for details at 541-893-6535. 

"Bronson" "Jake" "Twister" "Rooster"

More new horses we are working with...

2003 Blaze Face Pretty Bay AQHA Gelding 15.1½ hands, 1200 lbs "Smoothie" is a nice ride. What a gentle and easy-going horse! Delightful personality, easy to handle and rides the same.  A  great recreational trail pleasure horse--smooth gaited, walks out, ears up and willing. Goes anywhere you like, be it trails, water, meadows, woods, or down the road with traffic! Elegant looks and a mover that would go English/Dressage nicely as well. For the whole family, arena, or trails, "Smoothie" is a reliable, gentle, fun to be around "dream horse".

2001 Buttermilk Buckskin "Trail  Blazer" AQHA Gelding, 15 hands on his toes, 1100 lbs

This cute horse is a super-gentle, "been there...done that" fun, recreational family trail horse. Anyone can ride this horse and he doesn't care. He goes eagerly and skips along with a ground-shuffling walk whether he's coming or going. He's a "mountain-eating" trail horse deluxe who will go all day with a bold sense of confidence; a flashy buckskin with matching hind socks. He's an easy-natured, "get in your hip pocket" kind, that's why we call him "Pockets"!

2003 Cinnamon Dapple Brown Dun AQHA Gelding 5.2 hands, 1300 lbs

Here is a true, "all-around" roping ranch cow horse. "Bronson" is big and stout, solid-broke with a "Cadillac" handle, in the bridle and steady for anyone. Foundation-bred, big-boned, big-hipped, and beautiful-headed. A very personable,  gentle soul, he'll be the first to greet you at the gate. He is tough, will go all day, and worked super for Wil this past month while we cowboyed in Wyoming. He gathered the bulls on Bronson through willow bogs, creeks, downed timber, and miles of meadows and sage ground. There is no "quit" with this horse! He's very "cowy", and we sorted hundreds of pairs with him as well. He is a cowboy's dream--a finished head horse and a fine mount for the "boss of the outfit".  This handsome horse is unique in his bronze color and is a very special individual, whether you want to show off in the arena, head out on a back-country trail, or go work or rope'll be lookin' the cowboy part on "Bronson".

2005 "Handy & Handsome" Solid Bay AQHA Gelding 15.1 hands, 1150 lbs Lots of handle and training here. "Handy" is very cowy and a  big stopper, shown at some cutting, roping, and reining events. Taken slow, he's very kind and steady.  Lots of potential for Versatility Ranch Horse competitions, let alone a great ranch horse or arena rope horse. Handy is now going through our bridling finishing program, and is quite mature, with a solid disposition...he likes people and is a "pleaser". Nothing  better than a willing, cool-headed athlete--that would be this one! Nothing bothers this guy, he's great riding outside and on trails too, a very sane and safe sweetheart, on the ground and in the saddle. Photo coming to the website soon.

Whatever your desires may be, we can help you get there with a horse that exceeds all your expectations... don't "saddle" for less when you can have the best! Make an appointment to come see us this fall or book into one of our fall horsemanship sessions and check out the horses then... to ride one is to own one!

Wil Howe Ranch

The West's Best Kept Secret Good Horses & Education Raising the Standard for over 30 years


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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