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WHR 50' Round Pens

Strong yet lightweight.
Easy to handle, set-up, or move! 
      No dangerous gapping joints, pins, loop legs   
 or solid walls.
Safer and less expensive than leading round pens offered elsewhere.
Save money now...and vet bills later!
$4175 plus shipping
Still comes with a Bridle & Saddle Rack included!
To order, call Beverly Howe at
541-893-6535 or 520-820-1096 cell/text
Quality Construction – We have been dealing with our manufacturer in the northwest, Noble Panel & Gates, for over 30 years, and we're an official dealer of their products, which are regarded as the "ultimate in horse fencing". They build our proven custom-designed round pen to be the best and the safest. Our product is appealing, safe, easy to install, and extremely long lasting; all the things today’s horse owners are looking for in a round pen. It is constructed of American-made 1 5/8" OD round galvanized steel tubing which has a .065" wall thickness and a 55,000 pound yield strength. The rust-free finish will provide decades of use and retain its decorative silver appearance. The joints are notched and welded all the way around for maximum strength and a smooth finish. This process eliminates moisture from penetrating rails and causing damage. The vertical uprights are built out of the same material as the rails, and each upright goes clear to the ground for superior support. The panel and gates are capped to enhance appearance and prevent injury. We invite you to compare these features with any round pen on the market. We are confident you will agree that the Wil Howe Round Pen is the finest available.


50’ Diameter – The 50’ diameter puts the ideal arc in a horse, assisting in teaching correct leads and developing optimum bend, collection and balance. This size also allows you to easily correct and control your horse from a distance and yet keep him from avoiding you.  Size is so critical. If the pen is too large, a horse can travel around on the incorrect lead, comfortably, whereas the 50’ pen makes it more difficult for the horse and actually teaches him to pick up and stay on the correct lead himself. If the pen is too small, it puts too much pressure on your horse because it‘s impossible for him to relax while moving in tight quarters. If you are using a pen that is too large, like a 60’ pen, the opposite is true and your horse can avoid you very easily, but more importantly, you have to continually step towards the horse to keep him moving if he is a reluctant traveler, which puts you in the threatening "predator" position. This creates unnecessary pressure on the horse, so you are not able to accomplish your goal of gaining trust and respect from your horse. A 50’ round pen makes it easier on both the you and your horse!


12’ Panels – The pen is portable, and made up of 13 panels 12’ long. Each one weighs 90 pounds, making them easy to handle and move. Since they are self-supporting, set-up is a cinch! The panel clamps and mounting hardware for every panel are included. At the convenient 12’ length, they can easily be hauled in a pick-up. The pens come with a 4’ wide built-in panel bowgate, which is equipped with a horseshoe latch and quality hardware. The gate swings both ways, which is ideal for teaching a horse to open and close a gate.


6’ High – Most panel pens available are only 5’ or 5½’ tall and allow the horse to reach over the panels or try to jump out. This extra height eliminates that problem and keeps horses from avoiding you.


Special Rail Spacing – At 6’ high and with only 5 rails, the top two rails are positioned only 8" apart, again discouraging any avoidance from the horse. The bottom rail has been raised and the center leg has been removed to reduce interference, and the legs are straight pipe, with no dangerous loops, offering the maximum safety benefits.  As a horse travels in a circle, their body will be at an angle, allowing the feet to travel close to, if not outside of, the panel. If a horse is working in a pen made up of panels with looped legs (the loop at the bottom of each end of the panel) it can actually step through the loop and could break its leg in those dangerous loops. This is why the straight leg is so superior.


Clamp Joints – These panels fit snugly together for strength, with tight-fitting clamp joints, leaving only 3/8" between panels. The top corners are squared, eliminating the dangerous gaps found in commercial curved-top panels and pin joints, which greatly increase the chance of injury, should horse or tack get caught between panels.

Quality Construction
50' Diameter
12' Panels
6' High
Rail Spacing
Clamp Joints

Open-Pipe Panel Round Pens vs. Solid Wall Round Pens

        "I prefer the open-pipe panel round pens versus the solid wall round pens. Not only can a horse climb the walls of a solid pen, especially if they are angled out, but I’ve seen them do serious injury to themselves by slipping and either busting a foot through a solid wall or sliding it under one. I’ve also found that some horses become very claustrophobic in solid confinement.
        But the main reason for my preference is that when you work your horse in the solitary environment of a solid pen, you do not achieve lasting results because you lose your horse's attention and confidence when you take him out of the pen and expose him to the "real world" full of distractions.
        The feeling of freedom that the open pipe pen creates for the horse produces lasting results by getting your horse's undivided attention in the midst of visual distractions."

More comments from Wil on Round Pens…

        "I have trained in round pens for over 20 years, and before that I worked on several 100-year old ranches throughout the west that had the old Bronc pull pen still standing, and that was before I even knew how to use one. I’ve since had every kind of pen you can think of, made of poles, logs, boards, solid plywood, angled out, heights from 5’ to 8’ high, 30’ to 140’ in diameter.
       Having used these various types of materials and worked thousands of horses in the confines of round corrals, believe me, I’ve experienced every kind of circumstance or wreck you can dream of. Safety for you and your horse should be your #1 priority. With your wooden pens, be it boards or poles, you have to worry about splinters and stubs sticking out, boards that break, nails that loosen, and posts that rot. Obviously, I don’t approve of these types of pens.

        For years, when I put on clinics, I’d use what ever panels the sponsor could muster up for the clinic. That was quite a learning process, too. Panels were invariably too short, too weak, too sharp and dangerous to use. Most panels are merely livestock panels designed for cattle, with no thought towards horses and the fact that they are extremely fragile and accident-prone. That’s how I came to appreciate the features of the round galvanized pipe panels I use today. Not only do they work great, hold up with use, and are convenient to handle, they look good, too!

        One point about these portable panels that people overlook is that they have some give, since they are not secured by permanent posts in the ground. This allows the panels to move or scoot a couple of inches if a horse should run into it or "get in a storm" and hit it pretty hard. In a secured pen something is going to give, either your horse's hide or your knee if you are riding when it happens. If that should occur, all you have to do is push the pen back in line--it’s as simple as that, and what a safeguard! Also, most states won’t tax your corral as a property improvement, because it is portable."

ROUND PEN ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE ...Prices Subject Change - Call for Prices

Convenient Bridle & Saddle Racks - Made of the same galvanized round pipe material as the pens. They are portable and hang right on the panels. The bridle rack holds up to 5 bridles. The racks are a great helper to hold or hang your equipment on and keep your tack and saddle out of the dirt!
Bridle Racks  –            Saddle Racks –           Corner Stall Feeders - 

Round Pen Whips - With an easy-to-grip handle, this hard-to-find 7½" length whip with a 8’ long tail is the perfect length for reaching your horse in our 50’ round pen. The whip is an extension of your arm and should be as easy to handle as a fishermen's fly rod. - $33.50 Available at Ranch Only - shipping N/A


To Order - Call Beverly at 541-893-6535. Call first for freight quote and production time for shipping. You can pay over the phone with VISA or MasterCard or send us a check or money order. Once we have received payment, it will be can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks before the pen is shipped.  During that time, we will mail you a receipt receiving instructions and assembly directions for the round pen, along with some literature on our other products & services.


Shipping -  Our suppliers ship our round pens in the Continental U.S. by commercial trucking companies. Shipping rates change constantly, so freight quotes are given and locked in. Once provided with your shipping address and zip code, we can get you a confirmed freight quote for shipment of the pen to your front doorstep, usually within a day. Pre-payment for freight is required to secure price.  Shipping takes about 1-2 days in the northwest and surrounding states, 3-5 days to the mid-west, and up to 5-7 days to the southern & eastern portion of the country. The freight company will notify you a day prior to delivery to make arrangements to receive the pen, as someone must be there to receive and help off-load the panels.  International shipping is available; call for more details.


Dear Wil & Bev,

I just want to drop you all a line and let you know how my round pen has worked for me. I have bred thoroughbreds for the last three years and halter breaking this year was complicated due to a back injury. First we studied the videos, and once we got our half-wild horses in our Wil Howe round pen we were amazed at how quickly our young horses came around and wanted to have their halters put on and walk with us because they wanted to--not by force! We are now able to lead them anywhere; they go right in the trailer, and walk right up to us to be caught. Whats that old saying..."I never thought I'd see the day!"  That's just what my husband said after seeing me round pen a huge yearling colt that no one would handle. He is now the sweetest horse in the barn! Number one rule is take your time...never rush your horse. Some pick it up right away, others take a few times, but if it will work on horses bred to run it will work on any horse! Our Wil Howe round pen was the best investment we have made on our farm.
Thank you Wil & Bev. Because of what we have learned from the videos, my week on the ranch, and the purchase of our round pen, our job of raising thoroughbreds is now more fun and much more rewarding knowing that we are selling very trainable yearlings.

SL and WW, Winford Ranch


I bought a Wil Howe round pen three plus years ago, along with several other products, including the Wil Howe series of tapes. I use the techniques taught by Wil and his products, including the round pen, constantly for everything from shoeing to starting colts. I have been riding all my life and raising Arabian horses for several years and I find these techniques and the round pen invaluable.


BJ, Puyallup, Washington

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I love my new round pen! The tapes were helpful and clear...I especially like that "why leave him in kindergarten" (with a snaffle) philosophy! Not only makes sense, but I've agreed with it for years. Nice to hear someone back me up! I just started a yearling in the pen....saw results in just a few minutes compared to the weeks of battling I've done with the younguns' on a lunge line! Thanks again! 

CM, Winchester, Virginia

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