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WHR Services

Ranch Design Consulting

Over their 30 years of training and teaching together, Wil and Beverly have gained tremendous knowledge and experience and know what works and what doesn't when planning horse facilities.  They have built and used several facilities for themselves and helped design horse set-ups for numerous clients over the years, always delivering on the need for function over fancy.  As they witness countless facilities being built by contractors and owners with little or no horse sense, they see a great need for this service.

Ranch Design Consulting
Whether you are building from scratch or working with an existing situation--a backyard horse owner's dream set up, a mini horse ranch, or a full-blown training center--these two know what to think of, what to avoid, and how to create a useful, safe, practical, and needs-oriented horse facility.


Their teamwork and advice can save you thousands of dollars and potential hassles down the road. Don't set another post until you talk with Wil & Beverly!


They are available, by phone or in person, offering a full check-list of important things to consider and cover prior to the meeting. If necessary and time allows, Wil & Beverly can travel to your ranch and do a detailed walk through, designing, staking out, and drawing detailed sketch plans of your site for time and travel expenses.


Call Wil & Beverly for details and to set up a consulting appointment. 

WHR "Horse Help Hotline" Consulting

Wil & Beverly are masters at trouble shooting horse- and human-related problems over the phone and have offered on-going coaching, preventative advice, and tips for maintaining one's horse to their horse clients for years, working through simple issues that could lead to serious horse problems if left unresolved.  Now you too can have your own personal Horse Trainer coach…lessons by phone! Advice that'll get you results and give you the confidence to tackle the situation. You can set up a phone consulting "Horse Help" appointment by calling the ranch with your credit card number and setting a time.

Hourly Rate $150

Minimum charge 15 minutes - $40

Sale Horse Consignment

(limited, with strict qualification requirements)

Normally we only take former Wil Howe Geldings in on consignment, however, select approved geldings will be considered on occasion. A training tune-up may be necessary, and will be charged. Board and expenses will be charged until the horse is sold. Continued maintenance training/riding will be free of charge after the initial tune-up.

20% Commission

Sale Horse Consignment
Horse Help Hotline Consulting
Wil Howe Practical Use Tack & Gear

We offer a select line of training tack which Wil uses personally. These items have been mainly offered to our past Clinic & School students who are already familiar with our training tack. If you are new to our site, refer to our videos to fully understand the features and proper uses of this equipment or visit with Beverly Howe when ordering.

Wil has used and carried these particular reins and his unique, custom-designed hobbles for many years. Over time, he has added more items to his tack list, which originally started as a convenience for clinic participants, who requested Wil’s type of tack after discovering that their own was inferior, unsafe, or often impractical.

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find what you want or need, so we offer simple, well-made and affordable training tack and aids. Some of Wil’s exclusive specialty items are either just plain hard to find or can’t be found anywhere else!

For more information and to order, call Beverly at 541-893-6535

Wil Howe Practical Use Tack & Gear
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