WHR offers only a small, select group of premier geldings, hand picked, personally trained & ridden by Wil & Beverly.

We specialize in building "all around", finished, in the bridle, neck reining, ranch versatility type cow horses & the ultimate "Cadillac" trail horse. Solid in performance horse arena training & seasoned with ranch use & mountain trail miles.

Making friends out of our horse clients for over 30 years.

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Wil Howe Gelding So Special"

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See what our Satisfied Clients say...

"Gus is nothing but perfect! and handles everything like a pro. He just proves to be everything you said he was and more! Many thanks and love to you both, for doing what you do and doing it so well."

J.Smaby, Peterson, MN

"When I count my blessings, I count my Wil Howe gelding twice!"

S Schaffer,
New Meadows, ID

“Smoke’s” calm and friendly manner, and, of course, his good looks, have made him very popular at the ranch!
He’s everything you said he was, and I’m thoroughly enjoying him. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

J.K. Ventura, CA

NEW! 2007 Elegant Dark Sorrel/Chestnut Reining AQHA Gelding 15.1 hands 1075 lbs. Here is a very cool horse. Sired by a son of Smart Little Lena X Freckles Playboy NCHA & NRCHA money earner out of a Hollywood Dunnit mare... read more

NEW! 2009 Bright Sorrel Versatility-Ranch-Cow Horse AQHA Gelding 14.3 hands, 1100lbs. Royal working cow horse bloodlines: Greys Starlight X Docs Quixote sire and Genuine Doc X Doc OLena/Peppy San dam... read more

NEW! 2006 Big Dark Golden Buckskin AQHA Gelding 15.3 hands 1300lbs-Ranch/Trail Versatility Cowhorse Deluxe! A first class big handsome, "Mr. All Around"... read more

NEW! 2005 Classy Bay Ranch & Trail AQHA Gelding 15 hands 1100lbs Very pretty head, big eye, elegant neck, big hip, good big, dark footed... read more

NEW! "Yo" - 9 yr old Chocolate Chestnut 14.1 1150lbs. Super dynamic cowhorse here! Sired by Boonlight Dancer. Very well built and heavy muscled strong gelding, read more

Unique in every way... "Waldo", as Wil calls him, is a registered Tennessee Walker and Pinto. We have owned him for almost 2 years. read more

SOLD "Sniff" - 2007 Ranch & Trail Horse Deluxe- Buttermilk Buckskin 15.1 hands, 1100lbs. This is a special horse for a special someone. Very timid, honest, hard-working... read more

SOLD 2003 Big & Stout Sorrel AQHA Gelding 15.1.5 hands 1175 lbs. This is an all-around ranch type, trail pleasure horse who's suited for just about anybody. Seasoned, gentle natured and smooth gaited... read more

SOLD He's Back!...2000 "One of a kind" Big & Beautiful! Buckskin AQHA Gelding 16. 2 hands, 1500 lbs! "Everest" is our biggest Buckskin we've ever owned or seen! read more

SOLD 2008 Truly "One of a kind" Dappled Chocolate Palomino APHA Gelding 16 hands 1250lbs. Affectionately named "Bling" and finally now offered for sale. read more

SOLD 2001 Velvet, Coal Black & White Tobiano APHA Gelding, 14.3 hands, 1125lbs. "Wishbone" is a special little gelding with a "one of a kind" paint job! read more

SOLD Here is big stout gelding with big kind heart. "Dos XX's" we call him, has been used on a ranch all his life and drug lots of calves to the fire. Really a go ahead get-R-done horse who anyone can ride. read more

SOLD 2005 Short, Stout "Muscle Man" Cow Horse Bay AQHA Gelding 14.1 hand 1200lbs This is a royal bred cowhorse with a big kind eye & full of personality. Woody... read more

SOLD This is a cute, up-coming golden buckskin that has all the makings to be part of our first string. Very personable; greets you at the gate. read more

SOLD Here is one easy-going chunky boy. "Dewey" has been raised, started, and used on a ranch since he was two, and can get around tough country and mountains trails like a pro. read more

SOLD 2009 Big Young Elegant Bay Cow Horse 15.2 hands, 1200 lbs. This is a super nice individual and a favorite of Wil's... read more

SOLD 2002 Sorrel Ranch & Branding Horse Deluxe 15.3 hands 1250lbs . This is a nice handsome gelding, with a world of ranch horse experience... read more

SOLD 2009 Light Sorrel/Dun "Compact" Cow /Trail Horse 14 hands 1075lbs. Here is a super, cool little horse with all the "right stuff" read more

SOLD 2007 Big & Gorgeous "Matt Dillon" Buckskin AQHA Gelding 15.2+, 1300lbs. Here is a handsome hunk of a horse! This big gentle giant is a kind hearted... read more

SOLD "2004 Shiny, Rich Buckskin AQHA Gelding 15.2 hands, 1200 lbs. Here is a class buckskin horse with a lot of charisma and appeal... read more

SOLD 2006 Sleek Seal Brown All Around Trail/Cow Horse AQHA Gelding 14 hands 1050 lbs. This is a very gentle, all around trail & cow horse. Ravello... read more

SOLD 2002 Gorgeous Dark Seal Brown Trail & Cow Horse Deluxe! AQHA Gelding 14.2 hands 1100 lbs. Here is a fancy, little horse with a super disposition... read more

SOLD 2006 Versatility Deluxe Handsome Buckskin AQHA Gelding 14.1 hands 1100lbs. This is a very special individual and we are thrilled to be able to offer this cool little horse... read more


SOLD 2001 Royal Bred Cutting Horse & All Around Mountain Trail Horse AQHA Gelding 15 hands 1100lbs. "Smart & Fancy" is a fancy, well broke horse, with a super 'people' personality. We know him very well... read more


Wil's Words of Wisdom...
"Your best teacher is a good minded, well trained horse"

Wil's Words of Wisdom...
"Mares are from Venus, Stallions are from Mars... but Geldings are from Heaven!"

Richland, Oregon

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