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A $2,500 deposit (non-refundable, but transferable) will hold the horse of your choosing after you and Wil have established a relationship and settled on a prospect that suits your needs. This option assures that the horse will still be available when you come to see it. If the horse is placed on hold with a deposit for over two weeks before you can come view him, he will be put on board at your expense until you can come and try out the horse in person. If for some reason the horse does not suit you or match your chemistry or desires, the deposit can be moved over to another horse until both parties are satisfied. If we don't have a horse that suits you at the time, we often take an Open Deposit for the next available horse that fits your criteria, and then the same applies once the particular horse has been decided upon. This is a great way to ensure both parties will be satisfied and doing business together in the future.

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