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Versatility Reined Cow Horses and Cadillac Trail Horses

The winter of 2015-2016 started the New Year off with much excitement, as we have weathered snow and blizzards even here in Arizona! But it has not kept us from being busy with horse clients coming and going and holding Beverly's Ladies Only class February 1-4, with gals from Arizona, Texas, and Michigan in attendance. We've had a few more students this week who also hauled in from out of state to enjoy our now above-normal warm Arizona winter climate.

2016 Ladies Only Class

New WHR Website!!!

With great intentions of launching our new website on New Year's Day, much of our updates were neglected these past few months while Beverly was busier than ever on horseback. After suffering glitches with our web and e-mail servers in February, we were finally forced to make the move...we are excited to announce that the newly-completed site is now up and going!!! Watch for more changes and updates, as it is a work in progress. So...Happy Belated New Year from WHR!! With a more updated, cell-phone friendly website, we hope to plug in more often to update those of you who follow us. 

We are still deeply rooted in our remote lifestyle, both in northeastern Oregon and southeastern Arizona. The wide open spaces with few people and the rural ranch, agriculture, and forest lands comfort and feed our souls and offer solace to the horses we train and the folks who come to join us in their pursuit of a good horse and meaningful horsemanship. A phone call is how we communicate and "in person" is the way we connect with our people sharing the blessing of a real handshake and the sincerity of friendship behind it. We haven't the time for Facebook or Twitter; we have life to live, horses to train, and people to teach and love.

Busy Training & Selling our Geldings this Winter...

Town exposure for our ranch horses

When we came south this December, we came with eight head. The handsome big golden buckskin that was sold to repeat clients from Los Olivos, California, just went home last week after having a few more months of WHR finishing training touches. In January, we placed the bay we call "Oak" (Solid as an Oak) and a new buttermilk buckskin, "Grits", making a father/daughter team very happy. Our chestnut ex-reiner turned trail versatility gelding "Smarty Too" sold to a 72-year-old active and avid horse woman who just can't quit her horse habit which bring her so much happiness. These three are staying in training in preparation for their new owners, who are coming for private clinics in March and will ship them home then.

New WHR Gelding Spring String!

We have four new flashy superstars lined up now. All three geldings have four stockings, long manes, and chrome faces--a palomino, a bay, and  a sorrel! They are real standouts, royal bred, super broke & quiet individuals, seasoned and ready for the trails, roping, ranch riding, or extreme trail classes...these guys are talented versatility horses and fun to ride, taking the WHR program in style. WATCH FOR PHOTOS THIS WEEK!

Also, another new addition is a big, handsome, big-hipped, pretty-headed, dark buckskin ranch, roping, country-cruising trail horse. The buckskins are always in demand, and this seven-year-old is a beauty! 

Check in with Wil, as they won't last long. We currently have several horses on order with deposits; matching just the right one for you--that's what we do! Finding our premium geldings is getting harder all the time, a matter of supply & demand. Call mornings or evenings in Arizona at 520-826-0188.  Life's too short not to ride a "good one"!

Sunshine & Suncreen in February!

Dust control in mud or ice here!

Break away from the cold country and join us for a sunny winter/spring break and advance your knowledge! We are available here in Arizona thru mid-April to book into a From Foundation Bridle-Horsemanship Clinic or a private session. Don't miss out--flying into Tucson is easy, and as many students exclaim, "I've learned more from Wil & Beverly in one day than in 20 years of lessons!" Check out our School pages and Private Clinic offerings.

Looking forward, as always, to our continued relationships with you, our students and horse clients, ever in the pursuit of perfecting horses and riders and sharing the way of life that makes it possible...

May God Bless you and allow His peace & stillness to be with you, and when in the presence of your horse the nervous will be calm and the fearful confident. Your every move can be guided if you ask for strength, patience, and wisdom when communicating with your horse. These mirror-like lessons of action & reaction, cause & effect, pressure & release, give & take that you experience when training your horse can be a platform to grow in all areas of your life and communication. As Wil says "take time to take time"... breathe, and reap what you've sewn in your horse and in life.

Till our trails meet again, Beverly & Wil

and Katie Ranch Dog

Grapevine News from WHR...

In January, we kept busy taking trips searching for geldings. We ended up spending time up at the Sun Circuit Quarter Show in Scottsdale, meeting up with former WHR students who are have been actively showing. Linda Hrebec of Scottsdale has been showing reiners for several years now after buying her first horse from us back in 2001. In a fun reunion with Beverly, they visited and critiqued the competition in the new and popular AQHA Ranch Riding class that Linda showed in. Former student and client Paul Wilinksi from Wisconsin was also out in Scottsdale showing his reined cowhorses. 

In February, Wil spent a week at G2 Performance Horses up in Rancho Verde, helping our former apprentice, Grant Lindaman, start five of his outstanding two-year-old cow horse futurity prospects. That was a special time for the two who have forged a close relationship over the years. Grant has been showing reined cow horses and raising top-of- the-line cow horses, cutting and reining prospects. Grant refers to Wil's seasoned horse training expertise, in which he makes things look so easy, as "old trainer's timing". Wil is turning 75 this summer, and like good wine, just gets better at doing things easier with horses.

Dear Wil & Beverly, Just wanted to send another "thanks" for getting me started again in my horse passion. I'm happy today, I was 6th NCHA Amateur in the World this year. Have also been 4th in last year's NCHA Derby and Sr. Champion and Futurity finalist. Winnings up to $130K. I presently own 6 cutting horses. I sure LOVE this sport and am indebted to you for giving me my start back. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY! Christine King (When we sold Chris and her husband their first horses after retiring back in 2003, she hadn't ridden in 20 years. After putting her on a cutting horse in our school, she got bit by the thrill. Wow! Look where that passion took her!) Over the Holidays, we heard from Karla Pusitari and her WHR gelding "Jasper" who continue to dominate the NW and National Mountain Trail Competition Championships held in Eugene Oregon, winning both Open Championships this year! Congratulations Karla! Keep up the great work with that great horse! Hi Beverly! What a week! Thank you for doing what you do and for giving it to us. I am so happy for all of us gals overcoming our fears and getting excited about riding again and for all of us learning to be leaders instead of slaves. Lol. Those horses really had us hoodwinked!  R. Dodson, Tucson AZ, Ladies Only Student Keep us posted on your successes. We love to hear how you're doing and how the Wil Howe Way has helped you and your horses.


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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