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Why & Howe it Works at WHR

Why & Howe it Works at WHR... 

Staying on Track for Over 30 Years

with Quality Horses, Quality Training, and Quality Service  

Dear Friends,

Time gallops by all too quickly anymore...we missed sending out our WHR spring update and a recap of our winter in Arizona, so here it is, plus all our summer and fall news!

This past winter was the culmination of many years' successes in Wil's pursuit of offering only the finest in horses, the niche we carved out for ourselves and have focused on for many years now.  The good Lord has continued to bless us with great clients even in the midst of a down economy, being able to serve people who truly appreciate the time and work that goes into our horses.  

Howe it Works...

Our Arizona winter location works well, offering the attraction of a warm climate, giving folks a break from the winter doldrums the rest of the country endures, allowing them to ride their new-to-be horses in the sun while focusing making future plans for their new steed.  We've also found that, with everyone's schedule already too busy these days, our clients really appreciate the options we offer, such as taking a deposit to hold a horse until they can come view him. We can also board a horse for several months while he continues in our training program free of charge, until the new owner can conveniently take possession in the spring or early summer when the weather clears. This eliminates the stress of taking on a new horse in mid-winter. Any custom work or exposure training that may be necessary to suit a particular horse activity or need for a client is included as well. 

After an initial visit, many people find they would like to go home and rearrange their barnyard or facilities to enhance their horse experience. Much of this ranch and stable design advice and education comes free of charge, included in our daily interactions during our schools or private clinics. Further consulting for specific needs can be arranged by appointment.

When stepping up to a new WHR horse that is well-trained, success depends on a commitment to learning how the horse has been trained, how to get along with the horse, and how to maintain him. We settle for nothing short of success  for our clients by insisting on this commitment. Continuing education creates successful, happy clients who get all the enjoyment they dream of from their relationship with their new WHR gelding. As some people have difficulty fitting our class dates into their schedule, we are becoming more flexible to accommodate private clinics for both our horse clients and private parties. This seems to be working out quite well.

This past winter and spring was our busiest season yet, with nine of our geldings finding new homes and many more folks waiting in line for the perfect match--proof yet again that the good ones are always in demand, and now more than ever.  Remember, we're the match-makers! See photos and stories below, and click here to view our current WHR geldings. 

As the economy takes its course, we are sitting back and holding steady with our Oregon property. Though we are tempted to move on, it is a great ranch and allows us to do what we do.  We still love the area and all it offers; however, if the right buyer comes along, we are still motivated to downsize as we have talked about for years. So, as we have said before, take advantage of us while we are still doing our northern schools and clinics for "hungry horsemen" here at our eastern Oregon Home Ranch!Enjoy the bunkhouse lodging, healthy, organic country breakfasts, covered arena, huge outdoor arena beside a rushing river, lush pastures, trees, flowers, and high desert Hells Canyon and Eagle Cap Mountain trails close by.

We still plan to escape the late-summer heat at the end of August and hit the back country high mountain trails in eastern Idaho and return to Wyoming to go cowboy again, so we don't have any dates available for private clinics or appointments until after mid-September.


Our Fall Schedule...

This fall we'll have a special Return Riders & WHR Horse Client Invitational Rendezvous September 11 to 16--four days of tune-up, cow work, and back-country trail riding...the Wil Howe bridle-horse way! Included in this is a celebration of Wil's 70th birthday and meeting up later at the 101st Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo September 16, where Wil & Beverly will again be riding in the parade and doing PR work with their horses downtown across from Hamley's at the home of renowned artist saddle maker, Monte Beckman's Saddle Shop. Come join in the fun and excitement!

Later, we'll be offering another two-to-four day Fall Colors Retreat October 26th-30th for more trail training, back-country riding and horsemanship. If the cattle are still here, we'll offer a cow working day too! We're also taking appointments for private clinics through mid-November. Go to our Private Clinics page online to pick and choose your curriculum.

2012 Winter Schedule

Our Arizona Winter Southwest OutPost school course schedule will run the same as last year, with several offerings starting in January:

  • Jan - From Foundation to Finished 6-day

  • Jan - Cow Working Clinic 3-day

  • Jan - Outback Trail Training

  • Feb - Beverly's Ladies Only! Practical Horsemanship 4-day

  • Feb - From Foundation to Finished

  • Feb - Cow Working Clinic 3-day

  • Mar - Beverly's Cowgirls Only! Performance Horsemanship 4-day

  • Mar - Return Riders' Versatility Clinic 3-day

Specific dates will be available at our website September first.


We have lots of options to make it easy for you to advance your horsemanship,  like the 2-4-6-Day Option or private clinic scheduling. No reason to miss out on your horse activities & learning opportunities because it's wet, snowy, or cold outside...break away and spend your time wisely! You don't even have to bring your horse, you can rent the use of a WHR gelding. It's easy, and getting better educated is the best thing you can do for your horse back home. Did we mention that the sun shines everyday???  Y'all come now, ya hear?! 

Arizona OutPost Winter Students and WHR Gelding Owners

This winter, Dan & Kizz Chipperfield were finally able to come over from Australia for a private clinic--a real treat for all of us. They are a dynamic couple and avid horsemen who have been following us and our training for over 15 years. Occasionally, Wil had to slow them down to understand their "down-under" lingo, but they left with a good idea of how a bridle horse is supposed to feel, and that's what they came for!

Another student who came from overseas was Alan harkness from Scotland. He has been a "struggling trainer", trying to find his way to bridle horse refinement and horsemanship through books. Enough said--it's a feel one must be guided hands-on to find. He came open-minded, hungry, and ready to learn and apply himself, fitting in by scheduling a private clinic. He rode away a changed horseman. We make a lasting difference, one horseman and one horse at a time!

The Motleys from Texas were back for a second year to get more mountain miles on their WHR doesn't get any better than this!

Outback Trail Training class, navigating the Stronghold in January.

Beverly's Ladies Only students came from Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, and British Columbia to soak up the Arizona sunshine and have some quality horse time in February.

Coming from New Mexico and California in March, WHR Arizona Return Riders took the Cochise Stronghold trail challenge and enjoyed a rewarding view from the top!

Former WHR assistant trainer and student, Grant Lindaman, and friend Dana Wright spent time riding and schooling with us last winter in Arizona, putting miles on some of our geldings and working cattle on their show prospects. Good teamwork and a great time was had by all. Both are top young hands, working their way into the Reined Cow Horse show world. Grant is now located and training in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dana is in central California. We wish them both much success on their journey to the NRCHA winner's circle!

Congratulations to our horse clients who joined us

this winter and acquired a new Wil Howe Ranch gelding!

Horace Wells, California, and Handy

Diana Zitter, Illinois, and Lil Britches

Maggie Miller, from the  

Grindstone Cattle Company  

of Daniel, Wyoming,  

mounted on her second WHR gelding,

Wil's personal horse, "Rooster".

Steve Neely & Bronson

Carol Hanson, Washington, and Gallo

WHR Home Ranch Summer Students and More New & Happy WHR Horse Clients...

Melissa & Chris Garbrick from Seattle, Washington, on their new steeds Jake and Jack. Melissa came for three different mini-clinics, and is having a great time summering with them in Utah with Jake. "Having a blast with the horses!"

Wil with a couple of aspiring students here in June from Idaho & Washington. Good lessons learned...the big smiles tell it all!

Beverly's Ladies Only Practical Horsemanship Class attracted gals from British Columbia, Washington, and Minnesota. The class was limited to just four students, which Beverly finds the perfect number for providing the personalized attention for which it's known.

In June, the green hills of Eagle Valley made for a perfect family get-away for the Leyhs of Bainbridge Island, Washington. The family enjoyed a four-day customized clinic, while Tim bonded with his new WHR gelding, "Smoothy".

Happy camper, Jane Ely, from Kirkland, Washington, spent a week with us in July for a private clinic, getting connected with her new horse, Smoke. Jane had recently lost her previous WHR gelding at age 23. She'd had him for 13 years and had attended several schools with him over the years. Starting over with a new horse was exciting for her, as she absolutely loves this new guy. "You and Wil sure found me the perfect horse!"

Wyo & Smoke pass just one of many WHR gelding "acid tests"... the bear hide!

Carla Pusatera takes advantage of the "curbside mounting" feature of her new WHR gelding while her dog Molly supervises.

Happy, safe trails,


and cow work fun...

the Wil Howe Ranch - Bridle Horse way!

Beverly & Wil Howe 


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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