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What you put out is what you get back, with horses... and life!

January, 2010

Dear Friends,

A New Year...once again, time to re-evaluate, take a deep breath, and take charge of our lives, as we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.  As you think, so you are!

"What you put out is what you get back, with horses... and life!" That is and has always been our theme.  So we must be careful which trail we choose, whether that be in life, what horse we ride, or what direction we take to grow.

At the Wil Howe Ranch, we are still here to offer the finest way to enjoyment with horses...a path less traveled, but one worth the journey. This year for us, as for many of you, has been a time to regroup, refocus, and choose what is most important.  To us, it is about our time--making good use of it, having more of it to share & help others, and having time to ride a good horse.  By the looks of things, it may seem we have amped things up, but actually we are continuing on the path of "less is more" by refining our services, yet staying true to our roots of developing good horses and educating folks so they can realize their dreams & enjoy their horses.

Personal Service ...Always at WHR

Many are not aware of all of the ways we can help and the personal access we offer. Around here, it is just Wil & Beverly, so we are the ones answering the phone, training the horses, and giving the lessons.  Meeting our clients' needs...personally!  Be sure to check out our Services Page and take advantage of our new HORSE HELP HOTLINE! We're sure to offer a cure!  Make a phone appointment and receive professional, personal horse training advice and problem-solving tips. And as a New Year's Promotion, we're offering your first quarter-hour of consulting free!

New! Month-Long Horsemanship Training Sessions Offered...

We are starting out the New Year with a new program for our dedicated horsemanship students, offering a month-long Extended Horsemanship Training session for the first time.  There will only be one or two students for each session, so it is a special opportunity to really grow and advance your horsemanship and see you and your horse progress as you acquire skills that will move you ahead. Whether it's just to pursue a personal passion or to work towards making a career of training horses, learn up-close and personal what has taken Wil & Beverly a lifetime to acquire and refine.  No other experience can replace being in that presence, day in and day out. We presently have a student from Kentucky with us through February, participating in the daily ranch activities and working the horses.  Hands-on horse training the Wil Howe Way... which is really a way of life.  Call Beverly at 520-826-0188 for details.

Winter Arizona Courses filling...still room to sign up!

Our upcoming From Foundation to Finished session February 3-9 and Cow Working session February 11-13 are filling up, but we still have some room. Also--Beverly's Cowgirl Up! Horsemanship for Ladies Only course March 7-13 is also getting full, so sign up now!  The pre-payment discount deadline has been extended to February 15th.    

Return Riders! Outback Trail Ride Added

A three-day option for our advanced Return Riders has been added to the end of our March 22-27 Trail Training course. You can choose to join us at the tail end of the class for the outside trail riding, and a more intense trail experience outing on Sunday, March 28. The three-day Return Rider Trail Special is March 26-28 for $750.

See our Course Schedule page for details, or call Beverly at 520-826-0188.  Also! Our June Oregon Home Ranch 2010 School Dates are posted.

April 2010 - Spring California Bridle Horse Demos & Clinic Trip

This year, we plan to make our homeward trek through California as we did in 2004. We will be stopping by Sunset Hills Farms near San Bernardino for a Bridle Horse Demo Day, and at the Aliso Ranch near Ventura for another Demo Day and Clinic. Contact Beverly for dates & details, and set up a stop at your place!

After our swing through California, we'll be in Reno, Nevada April 30 through May 2 to watch the 10th Annual Californios Ranch Roping Event.  It's a great show of the finest Vaquero-style working cowboys/buckaroos and their incredible talent in handling  60 foot ropes and rawhide riatas in real working situation roping competitions. 

Watch for our New Geldings for Sale! Upcoming stars...

8 year AQHA Palomino--15.3 hands, 1300 lbs, with chrome on all four! A handsome, calm and gentle big hunk; a great all-around trail, versatility, and finished roping horse.

Also! 10 year AQHA Dark Cinnamon Buckskin--14 hands, really stout and cute, super quiet. Royal bred, well-trained reining cowhorse and solid seasoned pleasure riding trail horse.

Watch for photos and more information, coming soon to the Horse Page on our website!

Before and After Owning a Wil Howe Horse... A Healthy Lifestyle Change!

We recently got an e-mail from a client who sent a great picture of himself standing next to his horse he purchased from us three years ago. The caption he enclosed with it said  "Do I look happy or what?"

At the time we met this individual, he was in the process of deciding whether to retire and frustrated trying to figure out how his life would pan out. Having been a professional in his field for over 30 years, he was in a state of what one might call "burn out". Horses had been his dream and passion for years--he'd had horses when his boys were young and they did the whole "horse thing" together until the boys out-grew them for cars and girls. Revisiting his passion for horses at age 60 was whole lot different than it was 25 years earlier, but once he was on horseback again it was like riding a bicycle--it felt great and he just beamed! We worked with him and encouraged him to follow his dream, and after much indecisiveness, he stepped out and made the acquisition of his new horse, Freckles. As these three-plus years have gone by, we have witnessed a complete change in this person.  A man who was depressed, uptight, overweight, and not too excited about his future options has been transformed into a healthy, active, trim horsemen who is "living" once again!

Watching this person change his life goals, diet, and activities has brought us the greatest joy. He is living the dream of horses. It is not just about riding or looking cool or being able to tell others you own a horse or a ranch, it's about the change that takes place when you embrace what horses can teach you about yourself, the good they bring out in you, and your state of mind when in their presence--truly being in the moment and being at one with another creature.

We are thrilled to share this story, as we have many other stories like this of folks changing their whole life--moving from suburbia to the country, going from boarding their horses to having them outside their front room window to enjoy, building a new life in rural America, enjoying their horses and the time spent working outside with them and the land.

We all hear about the need for de-stressing our lives and the benefits of lowering one's blood pressure. Having the right horse and pursuing the knowledge to go along with the equine lifestyle can be a route that is very rewarding...a journey well worth the trip.

We look forward to "being there" for you this year as you strive to reach your goals with your horses.  By seeking us out, you have found a way less traveled, but the ride will be more real for it has not been trod over by many, just the few, the fortunate and lucky. We are honored to help those who have persisted and found us... it will be worth the trip.  Happy New Year!

Beverly & Wil and the WHR Crew... Pauline at the Ranch, Dary at Huckleberry's Line Shack, and Bonnie in Bookkeeping "Horses are always the same--here & now "in the moment" creatures...take a life lesson from one:  Keep it simple, communicate with the right intention, use patience in your relationships, mean what you say, and say what you mean."                                                                                                                 Wil Howe


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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