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SOLD 2004 Shiny Rich Buckskin AQHA Gelding, 15.2 hands, 1200 lbs.

Here is a class buckskin horse with a lot of charisma and appeal. This handsome, stout horse is willing, tries to please, and is a nice versatility gelding. We are tickled to be offering him again; at nine years old now, he's an even more seasoned and solid mount. He spent the last two years on the Wasatch Mountain trails of Utah being ridden by a novice who now has gone on to competition with little cow horses. Jake is a very big pretty mover with lofty, composed, collected gaits, ideal for Cowboy Dressage. Jake is great outside, sure-footed, and can really cover the country, be it on the mountain trail, the ranch, or down the road. On cattle, he's very cowy, rates good, and will handle about any job. He's been used by students in our schools as well. Very friendly and gentle with lots of personality, Jake is a nice all- arounder, rides beautifully in the bridle, handles light and handy, and is a cool and grounded individual. We had him in at both our Oregon and Arizona locations and punching cattle in Wyoming the summer of 2010, and he is a pleasure to ride and get the work done on. The long days, bogs, willow thickets, and badger hole-laced sagebrush didn't faze him a bit. Nice horse. For that "must have a golden buckskin" person, Jake is more than just a pretty horse, he rides as nice as he looks!


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