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Wil Howe Ranch Geldings


Premier Versatility
Ranch Cow Horses and
Cadillac Trail Horses


Offering a small, select group of premier geldings, hand-picked

and personally trained & ridden

by Wil and Beverly Howe.


School of Fine Horsemanship


From Foundation to Finished©
Premier Training for
Horse & Rider


Private clinics,

week-long courses,

and month-long programs.

Learning Essentials


From Foundation to Finished© and Horses... Howe & Why©
Training Videos 


Expand your knowledge and advance your horse with practical and useful information that makes sense!

The Wil Howe Ranch is located in the Hells Canyon country of north-eastern Oregon. For over 40 years, we've been a comprehensive source for the hungry horseman. We specialize in offering the finest all-around reined cow ranch versatility horses and Cadillac trail horses, as well as unique horse training and horsemanship education opportunities, information, and equipment. We provide a down-to-earth, useful, and practical approach for those searching for a better horse through real and tangible horse training knowledge.

Horses think about food first, each other second, and you… third. Want to be first in your horse's life? You’ll have to earn it. Only through consistent, fair leadership will you acquire the trust and respect needed to be that “number one”.


A good leader is worth following. Be that good leader for your horse and he’ll be a happier creature for it. Take the responsibility of being in charge! It’s up to you. Let us show you how and why.


Remember...what you put out is what you get back, in horses and in life.

Wil's Words of Wisdom

Stay in Touch!

Find out what's happening around the ranch.

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