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Horses...the Sport of Kings

     It was once the measure of a man--his skill as a horseman, a tradition that has been with us since the days when Kiangsu Kahn conquered more than half the world on the back of a horse. From Egypt to Spain to Argentina and the American West, the horse is a universal object of pride and power. The person who not only possesses the finest horse but who himself is a master of the art is revered to this day.
  Rather than sitting on the rail at a thoroughbred race track or on the sidelines of a Polo field or cutting pen, blaze a trail yourself on horseback!
      The ultimate rush...being at one with real live horsepower between your legs. Unison music in motion, a freedom no machine can give you. It's a relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect, an opportunity to expand on your leadership skills that will pay you back with a peace and a rush all at the same time, challenging both your inner-most most rugged and sensitive attributes. 
   Get astride a premier Wil Howe Ranch Gelding and live a dream only a privileged few experience. Make a new life of it with your very own horse of your dreams; we can get you there.

At Wil Howe Ranch, we offer a unique and specialized service of suiting select clients with just the right WHR horse, seeing that the chemistry is matched so that success in ownership and enjoyment can be assured.


We specialize in training and finishing western bridle horses, offering all-around, versatile performance horses like our seasoned ranch reined cow horses & "Cadillac" trail horses. Having trained numerous breeds over the years for various events, our diverse abilities produce well-rounded horses that excel at any discipline. Whether for dressage or cutting & reining horses, pony horses for the racetrack, or Polo horses, our geldings stand apart.


With the demand for our horses and a reputation of integrity that has followed us for over 30 years, we are unique in that we are also teachers of this elusive art. Having taught since 1983, Wil's brand of old school truth resonates in the hearts of hungry horseman with a passion for knowledge. Offering both premier horses as well as education is the Wil Howe Ranch way.


For that journey on a trail less traveled, we can get you there with the finest mount, well-trained, seasoned and solid, ready to hit the trail, bring in the herd, or go on a fox hunt. Step up to the stirrup. Once you ride a WHR gelding, you have to own one.

For more information, contact the Wil Howe Ranch:
520-826-0188 Arizona          541-893-6535 Oregon


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