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Historic Aliso Ranch Presents ... A Horseman's Gathering

WHR California/Trip Home Clinic Tour!

Dear Cindy,

You are invited to join us Saturday, April 17, in Santa Paula, California at the historic Aliso Ranch for a special horsemen's event--an afternoon of free Bridle Horse Training Demonstrations in which we will be using and previewing a few of our current WHR Versatility Ranch & "Cadillac" Trail geldings offered  for sale.  

In  addition,  Aliso Ranch  Stables  is  hosting a  public 2-3  day From Foundation to Finished Horsemanship Clinic the following weekend, April 24-25, and a Cow Working Clinic Monday, April 26 .

This is the first public clinic we have held in years, so take advantage of this rare opportunity. If you have always wanted to share with your friends the WHR experience you enjoyed with us in the past, bring them along and sign up for this clinic! We are only taking 10 participants, but will also have it open to spectators as well, something we prohibit in our Schools at our home ranch locations.  We always do our best to accommodate everyone's needs and will see to it that it will be a "learning experience like no other"--that's our motto!

We will be staying at the Aliso Ranch the week of the 17th thru the 26th, so give us a call if you would like to make an appointment for a private mid-week consulting/coaching session as well, or to arrange a private viewing if you're interested in one of our geldings for sale. It is the perfect opportunity to do this in your own area rather than having to travel to our Oregon or Arizona locations.

Click on the Aliso Ranch Stables link for contact info and times. As space is limited, we advise you sign up as soon as possible and have your payment for the clinic in by April 5th.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Paula in April!


Beverly & Wil

Call us for details about our April schedule and opportunities for coaching. You can reach us in Arizona at 520-826-0188, or on our cell phone at 520-820-1096 after April 13th.

Quick Links

WHR California/ Trip Home Clinic Tour

DATE: April 13-15 LOCATION: Sunset Hills Farms, Redlands MORE: Available to schedule private consulting and coaching clinic sessions.  Call us for details. DATE: April 17-26 LOCATION: Aliso Ranch Stables, Santa Paula MORE: Details in our letter to the right or visit the Aliso Ranch Stables website for more information and details.

DATE: April 23 LOCATION: Santa Clarita MORE: Join us at the Cowboy Festival!

DATE: April 27-29 LOCATION: Central California MORE: Available to schedule private, on-site consulting and coaching clinics between Ventura and Sacramento.  Call for details.

DATE: April 30-May 1 LOCATION: Reno, Nevada MORE: Join us at The Californios Ranch Roping


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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