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Springtime Easter Greetings from Arizona…

Dear Friends of WHR…

He is Risen… He is Risen indeed! Another spring is here with our Lord's message of hope and promise of life and overcoming all adversity in Him… He who lives. What a glorious message!

We have had a renewing time here at out Southwest Outpost the last 6 weeks, cleaning and preparing to sell… but not without reservation, who knows… it’s in God’s hands and direction. With the wonderful weather, lots of rain this year prior to us arriving and a couple more good storms, the desert is teeming with life & wild flowers and greener than ever! Sunshine at it’s best, southwest high desert… Arizona style!

Riding and schooling the horses has been wonderful as the facilities here are simple, user friendly, and everything one needs. Hard to believe we’ve been coming to Cochise for 18 years! Allowing us the ability to “horse it” year round. The horses always benefit too, getting relief from the muddy seasons up north and riding in the varied terrain offered here in the Dragoon & Stronghold mountain country. We also continue to work the cow horses on cattle here and “Katie Cow Dog” gets in on that too!

We enjoyed seeing our efforts and communication we started with clients from last fall come to fruition with well-matched outcomes of happy clients & our well rounded horses we’ve spent our time making this winter.

"Captain" & Shelia Rubey from San Juan Islands bonding, "Top Hand" & Lyle Smith from Petaluma, CA, ready for branding season, & "Tuffy" & Lisa Kelly from Albuquerque, NM, in Stronghold Creek. All appreciating Private Clinic time with their new horses.

We’ve sold 4 out of our 7 head we came with, a couple are returning to our Oregon Home Ranch. The new owners will connect again with their horses & school with us before shipping. More WHR gelding orders are lining up, too. Our pace is one step in front of the other, one day at a time, one horse at a time. Just as the Lord requires of us… Slow it down, be present in the moment for Him, family, and the horses.

Just was talking today about that same subject of “slowing it down” with an active & successful young performance cow horse trainer, whom we’ve mentored for years… he is learning that too. Though easy in theory, and often we hear lessons in life before they become relevant in one’s own life. We all can get lost in “making it happen” in life or horses, asking a little too much, the “one more time" syndrome. When the show is looming ahead of you down the road, or a decision is to be made, we often try to speed the process with our own efforts and often miss the mark. Dial it back... less is more… especially training horses. A 10 minute lesson on a warmed up two year old is sufficient for the day for their long term learning and attitude success. Building blocks as we call them. The foundation in which to fall back on must be built slowly, correctly and solidly. Just as with our Faith.

The old timers, (now that Wil categorizes himself as one! Ha! What a privilege!) said you can never make a bridle horse till your 40 years old, as maturity brings about patience and refinement… attributes we should all seek no matter the age… learning forever… and re-learning, too.

May this spring we re-learn the message of the sacrifice and…reward given us by our Savior. That time & love given, to God, yourself, your family, your horse… is time redeemed.

Blessings be Upon You…

Beverly & Wil

& Katie Ranch Dog


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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