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Spring has Sprung...and the horse hair is flying!

Winter riding at 7500' in the Chiracahua National Monument park, southeast Arizona

Dear Friends,

It was a wet and cold winter here in Arizona. We counted our blessings though, as we were far better off than most of the country. We'll take some well-needed rain and an occasional snow flurry any day to the frigid temps and feet of snow that the rest of the US suffered. But now it is spring, the sun is warming the well-watered desert, and it's greening up. Golden poppies blanket the landscape, and Easter, with its promises, has brought fresh new hope for all.

This week we've been packing up, shipping recently-sold horses,and getting things ready to head to California for our clinic trip and then on home to Oregon.

Seven geldings came down with us in December; we acquired seven more over the winter, and sold nine! We have been busy! Check out our WHR website Horse Page for our up and coming new stars. They are gorgeous and working through our probation period, learning the Wil Howe way of becoming great horses.

Here are just few snapshots of our latest happy horses and their new owners:

This little fella is our resident Ring-Tailed Cat, Tooter. An Arizona native, he made quite an impression with our students during the winter here at the OutPost.

We are pleased and grateful to know that our 30-plus years of sticking to our guns, maintaining our convictions to our business of serving others through offering only the finest in our good horses and education, has paid off and we are still making it in this tough economy. We know perseverance has been a key element, but it ultimately has been our reliance on God that has carried us through. Making that fact known is most important to us, sharing with others the blessing of realizing that these horses are God's gift, as they teach us so much about ourselves. The discipline it takes to be a good horse guardian/parent/leader is the same discipline we must carry throughout our life, treating our horses (and others) as we would like to be treated. ..with respect, patience, sincerity, honesty, fairness, justice, and love.

Classes Were Full this Winter... Book NOW for June and Fall!

We have had some great folks join us this winter for training, many of whom also bought horses. We had students from all over--Kentucky, Washington, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, California,North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Novia Scotia & Saskatchewan, Canada, and even Germany!

Our month-long training program worked well for Greg Kallmeyer of Kentucky, who spent two months working hard to attain skills that he could go home and apply to his herd of Hanoverian warm bloods, getting them supple, giving & moving off the leg, and going well enough to market them in the dressage world so he can move on to Quarter Horses. He loves the "big ride" warm bloods provide, but the thrill of a catty, athletic Quarter Horse riding in the hills or working a cow "bit" Greg big time. It did so five years ago when he first came out to our Oregon ranch for a class, so he came back. Now he's putting it all together! Good luck, Greg! We look forward to getting you mounted on your Dream Horse soon.

Rob, Nate, & Beverly

We are already booked for the month-long training program in June as well, with a father & son team who will be joining us from New Mexico. They are Robert & Nate Aranda, the proud new owners of Mercury & Poco.

 There are still openings in the From Foundation to Finished course June 4 -9 and the Cow Working course June 11-13, so get in now as the discount deadline has been extended until April 15.

The same applies to the Ladies Only Cowgirl Up! Practical Horsemanship course June 18-24 with Beverly. Gals, get your dibs in now, it's an experience like no other! Come ride and excel!

Call Beverly for details and to register. In April, you may reach us by cell at 520-820-1096, or leave a message at our Oregon Home Ranch, 541-893-6535.

Heading Home! Via California, Reno, & Southern Oregon

We will be in Santa Paula, California, at the Aliso Ranch in April, conducting a public clinic as well as a training demonstration.

On Saturday, April 17, we invite you to join us for an afternoon of free Bridle Horse Training Demonstrations in which we will be using and previewing a few of our current WHR Versatility Ranch & "Cadillac" Trail Geldings offered for sale.

The Aliso Ranch Stables is hosting a 2-3 day From Foundation to Finished horsemanship clinic the following weekend, April 24-25, and a Cow Working clinic on Monday, April 26. This is the first public clinic we have held in years, so don't miss this opportunity. We are only taking 10 participants, but will have it open to spectators as well, something we prohibit in our Schools at our home ranch location.

We will be staying at the Aliso Ranch April 17-26, so give us a call if you would like to make an appointment for a private mid-week consulting/coaching session,or to arrange a private viewing if you're interested in one of our geldings for sale. This is the perfect chance to do this in your own area instead of having to travel to our Oregon or Arizona locations. For contact and time information, click on the Aliso Ranch Clinic link above.

After our time in California, we'll be heading to Reno, Nevada to watch the 10th Annual Californios Ranch Roping Event April 30 to May 2. Come join us and see this great show...the finest Vaquero-style working cowboys/buckaroos showing their incredible talents in handling 60 foot ropes and rawhide reatas in real working situation roping competitions! Visit The Californios for more information and to whet your appetite for this fantastic event.

Another Happy WHR Horse Client!

"My, how time goes by. Sorry that we haven't gotten back to you sooner...just having too much fun.

We renamed 'Stardust' to 'Smoke'. Hope you don't mind, but seemed a little Hollywood to me.  Do want you to know that I (we) just love the horse. He is living up to all our expectations, even up to the billing from an old horse trader :-))  After about six weeks, Smoke settled right in and has not had a bad day. Very strong and alert, but very willing and well-mannered.

Sure enjoying my Cadillac."

Peter La Dow, California

A Great Friend is Gone..."Too Tall Doc" Passes

At the age of 28 and in the arms of Pauline, our Ranch Assistant and his caregiver for the last three years, Too Tall had his last spring day on Thursday, April 8, at the home ranch in Oregon. The big red roan was Beverly's personal horse for 25 years and will be sorely missed.

A grand dressage horse in the 80's, used as a demo horse at all our clinics and expos in the 90's, and star of our Ten Step video, Beverly finished him out in the full bridle,

showing him in Working Cowhorse in his teens as well.

Too Tall was the epitome of the Versatility Quarter Horse. At 17 hands, 1500 pounds, and a grandson of the legendary cowhorse, Doc O Lena, he truly was one-of-a-kind. He taught many people to ride and showed them what a good horse feels like underneath them. There will be many of you who will remember their lessons on him, as he patiently put up with hours of practice. God rest his soul.

If we don't see you on the road,  we look forward to seeing you at the  Oregon home ranch in June!

Until then, happy safe trails & turn arounds,

Wil & Beverly

Call us on our cell at 520-820-1096 for more information about horses, classes, or our clinic schedule.


DATE: April 17-26 LOCATION: Aliso Ranch Stables, Santa Paula MORE: Visit the Aliso Ranch Stables website for more information and details.

DATE: April 23 LOCATION: Santa Clarita MORE: Join us at the Cowboy Festival!

DATE: April 27-29 LOCATION: Central California MORE: Available to schedule private, on-site consulting & coaching clinics between Ventura and Sacramento.  Call for details.

DATE: April 30-May 1 LOCATION: Reno, Nevada MORE: Join us at The Californios Ranch Roping Event


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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