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SOLD 2003 Big & Stout Sorrel AQHA Gelding, 15.1 Hands, 1175 lbs.

This is an all-around ranch-type trail pleasure horse who's suited for just about anybody. Seasoned, gentle-natured and smooth-gaited, yet has plenty of jam for outside working jobs or all day trail rides. Goes anywhere without question and great to pony horses off; we've gathered on him and rode him a lot on the desert in Oregon & Arizona. He's got our signature velvet, easy, point & go neck rein and a heavenly jog trot you can sit all day. He carries his head beautifully in the bridle and is a super easy guy to be around, with a kind and friendly personality, excellent manners, and an unflappable, bomb-proof disposition-traffic/cars, dogs, llamas? No problem! Scout steps out nicely on the trail if asked, or moseys along, if you like, down the road. We sold him two years ago to a 60-year old woman for trail riding in the equine-friendly suburbs of Albequerque, New Mexico, and he was a champ for her; regrettably, serious health issues have forced the sale of the horse and a move out of state. We are pleased to offer him again and see that he gets another great home. For that family horse to hit the trails with, Scout is the guy!


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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