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It is the season of Gratitude again as we all embrace Thanksgiving

Dear Friends of WHR,

It is the season of Gratitude again as we all embrace Thanksgiving. We are so blessed to live  in a country where we have the freedoms we all seem to take for granted one way or another; the freedom to choose whom we wish to lead our great country and the freedom to speak up and disagree and defend the rights that our forefathers gave us. However, it is when we count our blessings and look for the good and acknowledge all that God has endowed us  in spite of our undeserving selfishness, that change can happen. We bring the word faith alive through praising God almighty, then putting into action our prayers for righteous civility and moral sanity in ourselves and those we rely on to keep the ship afloat, rather than stealing away in their own life boat.

No matter where you stand, stand for something. There is so much in need of attention in a world gone awry, but stay true to your convictions and share truth wherever and with whomever. This is our country, our land, our food, our livelihoods, and our way of life; recognize the need for balance in your own life and you will see how that principle is needed throughout the system and policies that shape our lives, this country, and this world we call home.  Start at home with your family, in the barn with your horses, in the community with your friends, and strive to make a difference...Happy Thanksgiving. Beverly's Blog Soapbox and onto the Ranch Happenings!

Tetonia, Idaho in August...

August brought us sunshine and soaring temps as usual in northeast Oregon, so we celebrated Wil's 70th by heading for cooler regions to visit horse client/friends in Tetonia, Idaho, on the Wyoming border. Charles Jones and Susanne Paisley were our gracious hosts as we camped out on their little piece of Paradise in the beautiful Teton Valley.

We enjoyed the opportunity to school horses in their nice arena and ride the back country with them. Elevations up to 9,000 and 10,000 feet were spectacular as we traversed wildflower-laden mountain meadows set against  the ominous backside of the Grand Tetons. Our rides in the wilderness backcountry brought us up close and personal with the part of nature you can only experience on horseback.

After riding a couple of hours in thick lodgepole timber, the trail dropped down into a lake basin. While watering the horses, we witnessed a grizzly bear take an afternoon dip in the lake, then romp and play like a wet dog. He dove back in for a second round of wading and swimming before he exited the water and shook himself off. He sauntered back into the forest and disappeared from sight, never knowing that we were watching, our fingers ready on the triggers of our pepper spray canisters all the while! That same day we were also blessed to encounter a bald eagle, great horned owl, and a red fox too! 

Labor Day in Saratoga, Wyoming

While in Tetonia, previous horse client/student Jean Burger, from Encampment, Wyoming, flew up to Tetonia to check out our horses for sale. She settled on "Twister" and we traveled to southern Wyoming a week later to deliver him and conduct a private Wil Howe Clinic for her friends at her Blackhall Mountain Ranch.

Jean and her husband, Jim, had bought two horses from us five years ago when they first acquired the ranch, and Jean was now ready to step-up her horsemanship a notch. She thoroughly enjoyed the personal coaching she received with her new WHR gelding "Twister" during the clinic and our extra days there on her own turf. At 7,000 and 8,000 feet, we had beautiful weather and saw breathtaking scenery. The rocky outcroppings overlooking Saratoga and the Encampment & Platte River valley areas, along with the region's interesting history,  made riding on the ranch an adventure in itself.  Meeting a network of great folks and aspiring horse people has encouraged us to make this an annual event, so we will be returning to the Burger's next summer!

Fall Return Rider Round Up & Cow Working Get-Together

We returned from our Wyoming trek hauling 6 horses. We got back to the Home Ranch in Richland just in time to gather up our Return Riders, tune on them, their horses, and work cattle daily. Return students are always enjoyable for us, as we pick up right where we left off to inspire, challenge and expand the horizons of our students. As only a handful made the gas-guzzling trip out to our remote, but heavenly, neck of the world, we especially appreciate the folks who invest in the "journey less traveled" in horsemanship and in is a trip worth making.

Then we ventured off to make another appearance at the 101st Pendleton Round-Up Parade, teaming up once again with Monte Beckman's Saddle Shop and Hamley's across the street. As always, we had fun cruising Main Street, wooing the crowds with our broke horses and unique antique gear. 

This year Wil rode Beverly's handsome sorrel gelding "Sparkanic", and sent sparks a-flying as he spun his horse around and around, loping and stopping on the pavement in complete control. Meanwhile, folks couldn't take their eyes off Beverly 's mount, our new upcoming superstar, "Bling", a gorgeous 16 hand, 3 year-old Chocolate Palomino with stocking legs, flowing white mane and tail, and a forelock that hangs to his nose! He is truly a showstopper and has a mind second to none. Quiet and composed, he handled the event as if he's "been there, done that".

Both horses enjoyed the attention of the many fans who swarmed to see them. It is always a joy to be aboard horses that handle with ease and move willingly wherever you point them, even if it's at a trot into traffic on a path alongside an amusement park with Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel rides overhead. These two just take it all in stride.

Winter 2012 Arizona Schedule From Foundation to Finished Bridle Horsemanship

January 9-14 February 6-11

Reined Cow Horse--Fundamentals of Working Cows

January 15-17 February 12-14

Outback Trail Training & Horsemanship

January 21-25

Ladies Only--Practical Horsemanship with Beverly

February 24-27

Cowgirls Only--Progressive Performance Horsemanship with Beverly

March 12-16

Return Riders Versatility Round-Up Challenge Special

March 24-26

Visit the School page on our website for full course descriptions and pricing.

Fall String of More GreatWHR Geldings...

As we enter the Holidays we are pleased to have finished this season with another group of outstanding horses. We have a great inventory of geldings whom we know well, having worked them for several months now in our finishing program, and they are now well-conditioned for versatile uses from the trails to the cow pen or roping pasture.

Among them is "Scoot", a very solid, cool, all-around hand- some bay; at 9, he's the perfect age, steady and oh so broke.

"Woody", a 6 year-old dynamic fun riding reining cow horse, is an easy loper with a big motor but a puppy's disposition.

We also have "Cassidy", who is 7 years old; he is mellowed and consistent, a traveler deluxe and an all-arounder supreme.

Then there's "Morris", a new 7 year-old red dun with socks, and big hip; he's strong and quiet, a fun ride outside!

"Cecil" is a new, attractive, 6 year-old deep mahogany chestnut. He's tall, smooth-moving and quiet, really a people horse and not easily rattled.

Finally, we have "Tex", a new cute and compact 6 year-old flashy black gelding as short and stout as they come. He's willing and steady, with trail miles and cow- punching under his belt.

This is just a teaser, as these guys and their full descriptions and pictures are now posted on our horse page.

With winter fast approaching, we always have deals and people in line for these fine geldings, so if you have been putting it off... step up now and don't miss one of this years' WHR geldings! You'll be glad you did...we guarantee it! These horses are few and far between.

Click here for more info on How and What we do to produce and successfully match-up the perfect horse for folks like you for the past 30 years.

Heading South Soon!!! 

We are giving thanks for so much the good Lord has done for Wil and I this year...ever grateful for His tender mercies, healing hands, and ever-present Angels that surround us with protective wings and guiding, helping hands. As you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, may you receive the love of family, a break to spend quality time with your horse, and a bounty of all things good.

We will be heading for our sunny Arizona Winter Outpost with our herd in the next week or so and  we will keep you posted of our departure and arrival dates as soon as they are confirmed...until the snow pushes us south, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Beverly, Wil, and the WHR Gang-- Pauline at the Ranch, Bonnie in Bookkeeping, and visiting friend, horseman, and helping hand, Grant Lindeman Jr.


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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