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At Home in Eagle Valley

June, 2009

Dear Friends, We are now all settled into the Home Ranch once again here in Eagle Valley. We have been busy riding with clients and getting a new string of geldings "dialed in" to the Wil Howe Program.  Grass is tall, pastures are lush, Eagle Creek has been running high, and we just turned a new bunch of cattle out this week to keep the grass down and work the horses on. We always appreciate the convenience of our set up here at the Home Ranch--paddocks that run into pens that join stalls that join alley ways that join the arenas that open out to pastures that connect to more pastures that run into our Trail course in the cottonwoods. Every area on the property is accessible by horseback with rider-friendly gates. The facilities lend themselves to an easy work place in a beautiful setting. Rustic, functional . . . we get many compliments from folks who come and stay with us and enjoy the layout and close proximity of the working barnyard, tacking area, and working pens.

In addition to teaching our horsemanship skills, we also share our knowledge of building a horse place focused on convenience, safety, and practicalitywith the Ranch Design Consulting we do.  If you have any questions about this service, don't hesitate to call. We'll have more info about that and the other services we offer on our new website that is now in its final stage of completion. Keep watching for our launch date! 

Special WHR Event August 2nd in Jackson, Wyoming

We will be returning to Wyoming again this summer to cowboy in the mountains out of Daniel, working our horses on the ranch. On Sunday, August 2nd, we will be holding a special one-day event . . .in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We'll be sharing our From Foundation to Finished program with bridle horse training demonstrations, featuring our latest string of Wil Howe Ranch geldings offered for sale. It'll be a full afternoon of Free! training demos and question & answer sessions. It'll be a great way to meet us, preview our horses for sale and learn some of our techniques to refine your horsemanship skills. It'll be held at the Teton County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena. Be there!

If you're in town Saturday, go see their bi-weekly Jackson Rodeo! Our good friend, Boone Snidecor of Pinedale, a working cowboy, horse trainer & rodeo  pick-up man, is working the rodeo this year, handling the rough stock. For a local contact, he can be reached at 307-231-1059, or leave a message with us at 541-893-6535.  Check our website to see what horses we'll have with us for sale. New  arrivals to the ranch...

include a handsome, muscled-up red dun 7 year-old gelding, "Cody" who was immediately snatched up with a deposit by the first person who laid eyes on him and took him for a ride. What a pleasant, quiet, solid trail horse with ranch horse experience and a reining horse handle.

Wil has a new, unique mount for the summer and our Wyoming trip. "Whistler" is a deep blood bay roan, 16 plus hands, and a true athlete, low hocked and catty for a big lanky "drink of water". At 6 years old he's a gentle, kind big guy with a beautiful baby doll head. Very soft-minded and light-mouthed, he reminds us of a combination of Beverly's old horse Too Tall ( still hangin' on at 27 years!) and Robbie, the red roan in Beverly's Little Things DVD's. This big roan is quite a cowboy-looking steed, yet could pass as top quality Dressage/English show horse as well. Also, we have a new stout 5 year AQHA  14.3 + hand bay with socks, "Badger". Ranch raised, cow horse bred, handy & steady. An all-business, ranch horse competition-type horse, great on trails and catty in the corral.

We also have two very nice former Wil Howe geldings back and available due to owner life changes. We are thrilled to be offering once again Ski-romps, now known as "Rojo" , a good-looking 15.2 hand copper penny sorrel, solid APHA gelding who is a big ol' pet and a smooth riding trail & fun all around arena horse who likes cattle. Also, we have the darling 14.2 hand chocolate palomino AQHA gelding "Smart & Fancy Pep". A creme of the crop individual, for trails and cow work. A trained  cutter, who can also rein, or do working cow horse. This fancy little horse with a gem ofa personality also is bred to the nines, with Little Peppy, Smart Little Lena & Peponita! We still have "Major", our 9 year handsome grey, hard-knocking, ranch-tough using horse, "Nifty" the handy sorrel 11 year mountain-eating cow horse & heel horse, "Dunnit", our one-of-a-kind 12 year  little buckskin with a huge heart, ultimate trail horse with reining & cow horse training, "Whitetail", the 15.1 hand stocking legged bay, a real  trooper in the hills, lots of try, a handy guy working nicely into bridle, and..... "Sylvester the Cat" our fancy bred, Color Me Smart, Cal Bar 14 hand cow horse who Wil has taken a personal fancy to for his sweet disposition, athletic ability and willingness out in the mountains. What a steady head. Even at 14 hands,  Wil is "a horseback" on him!

Check out all these geldings on the Horse Page with pictures of the new ones and more videos coming soon!

Give Wil a call and find out more at 541-893-6535 mornings/evenings pacific time.

WHR Round Pens Costs Cut... $pecial $avings for You!

With the recent drop in steel price, our suppliers were able to pass on a small savings to us...rare in this day and age of inflation! So we are passing it along to our customers. Starting June 1st, our WHR 50' Round Pens are now $2055--a $75 savings!  Remember, our round pens also come with Wil's custom Bridle & Saddle rack included for Free! A $114 value! We are also impressed with the shipping rates, as they have held steady and still run between $200-$300 for the west coast, $300-400 for the mid states, and $500-600 for east coast deliveries. So if you are without a Wil Howe Ranch custom-designed Round Pen. . .order yours today! Save money now and vet bills later!!  They are the very finest available. Contact Dary Reed at Huckleberry's Line Shack, 509-952-3188 for a freight quote. 

Trail Horse Magazine  features Wil Howe Ranch "Cadillac" Trail Horses...

We were featured in the June issue of Trail Horse Magazine, a national publication devoted to trail riding. In an article that points folks where to buy a good, reliable trail horse, we were featured  as "specialized trainers" that train and sell trail horses. Check it out!

Schedule Your own Private Clinics here at WHR...

Don't hesitate to ask, we give private sessions all the time for our horse-buying clients and can fit you in for a two- to four-day personalized clinic weekdays or weekends. Call Beverly at 541-893-6535 for dates available in early July and late August.

Also! Sign up Now for discounts on 2009 Fall WHR Courses.  For schedule of classes, click here!

God bless & get out there on your horses!  They are only as good as the time you put into them! "What you put out is what you get life and in horses!"

Happy Safe Trails & Turn Arounds!

Wil & Beverly

and the WHR Crew--

Dary at Huckleberry's Line Shack, Pauline at the Home Ranch, and Bonnie in Bookkeeping


For all horse inquiries, please call Wil Howe Ranch at 541-893-6535 mornings or evenings Pacific Time for personal attention to your requests. Remember, we usually have several geldings not currently listed. $20,000 and up. Let us help you find the horse of your dreams! Click here for details on purchasing a WHR gelding.

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