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$59.95 each
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or $99.95 for both
plus $12  S&H

Available in DVD or VHS

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The Little Things That Count

Practical Horsemanship with Beverly Howe


"Good- behaving, responsive, and attentive horses are the result of people with good habits, attentive of their horse's actions, and who take the responsibility of being in charge at all times."


These fun, informative videos are packed full of useful, easy tips and corrections; a guide for the everyday handling of horses and effective riding habits. Presented in Beverly's characteristicly light-hearted and explanatory way, you'll learn what Wil and Bevelry feel qualifies as "acceptable equine behavior" and how to maintain it in your horse!


These simple instructions will keep you and your horse on the right track, both on the ground and in the saddle, because..."it’s the little things that count that make for a big difference in your horse's overall attitude and behavior." 


Beverly has specialized in pleasure, western, english, dressage, trail, and barrel horses, and is known for her energetic and positive "you can do this too!" attitude as an instructor. She always works tirelessly to see her students through to their desired goals. Through many years of teaching and assisting along side her husband, Wil, she has become a well-respected horse woman in her own right.


Learn how to maintain your horse’s attention & cooperation from the moment you catch him in Part 1, Ground Handling Tips, to the moment you release him in Part 2, Effective Riding Habits.


Running Time: Approx.  90 minutes each

Wil Howe's

Horses . . . Howe & Why©

Training Video Series

Part 1

  • Catching

  • Leading

  • Grooming

  • Heandling feet

  • Saddling

  • Bridling

  • Adjusting Tack

Part 2

  • Mounting

  • Riding with confidence & balance

  • Knowing what makes a horse handle well

  • Neck-reining & collection

  • Proper & effective use of leg aids & spurs

  • Simple safety tips

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