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Hobble Training

"The Ultimate Atitude Adjustment"


The groundwork and foundation of the Wil Howe Ranch From Foundation to Finished© training program begins with establishing leadership with your horse in the round pen. In this tape, using previous footage, we've highlighted just one element of Wil's groundwork which is the cornerstone for positive lasting results in your horse's attitude...Hobble Training.


This video shows you how to hobble train properly and safely for both you and your horse, and how this form of training not only hobbles your horse pysically, teaching him to give to restraints, but also mentally, teaching him patience. When used regularly, this is very effective in teaching a horse to stand quietly and willingly when tied for grooming, saddling, bathing, clipping, doctoring, shoeing, etc. Hobble training is also a great aid in conditioning a horse to accept new or spooky situations and overcome fear. Hobbling is a must when camping in the wilderness, and ultimately, hobble training can save your horse from serious injury if he gets caught in a fence or wire.


Running Time: Approx. 24 minutes

Hobble Training Kit

Includes Hobble Training video, Wil's custom hobble, and 12' lead rope. A $137.45 value if purchased separately, just $118 when bought as a package.

Practical Use Tack -

The Ultimate Hobble

Wil's special custom-designed, nylon-reinforced, double-stitched leather hobbles are non-stretch, non-tear, multi-use hobbles for everyday use, training, coil handling, and back-country packing trips.  Just $86--order yours today!

plus $7 S&H

Available in DVD or VHS

To order, call Beverly Howe


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