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Available in DVD or VHS

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Video #2

10 Step Training Program

"The Formula for Success"
Knowledge for the Hungry Horseman!


In the second video, the 10 Step Training Program, you'll be shown the steps Wil takes to build a finished horse--an obedient, willing, and reliable mount. This program works for developing a young horse or re-schooling or "tuning up" an older horse.


  • Teach your horse to teach himself to be balanced, collected, and attentive

  • Learn how to have complete control of all "four corners" of your horse

  • Learn a sequence of exercises that apply to every aspect of riding or performance event

  • Learn how to be consistent with your hand and timing, when to use leg and when not to, how and when to pull and release, and how to give your horse a comfort zone

  • Learn how to use our spurs correctly without creating a scared or resentful response


Through this building process, you'll achieve a lighter, more responsive animal.


Running Time: Approx. 90 minutes

Wil Howe's

From Foundation to Finished©

Training Video Series
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