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Video #1

Establishing Leadership

from the Ground Up

"The Proper Perspective"
Get in tune with your horse, and get results!


In the first video, Establishing Leadership from the Ground Up, you’ll be shown the correct use of the most effective aid in training horses--the Round Pen--with thorough demonstrations working three horses of different ages and temperaments.


  • Learn how to read horses and recognize their response patterns

  • Learn how your body language and attitude affect your horse

  • Learn how to get your horse's undivided attention and create an attitude of willingness and cooperation

  • Watch how Hobble Training brings about a positive and submissive mental change


In Wil’s simple rules for ground manners, you’ll see the results of the trust and respect that’s been achieved through establishing leadership. Also, how important a horse's vision is in our communication with them.


Running Time: Approx. 90 minutes

Wil Howe's

From Foundation to Finished©

Training Video Series
$59.95  plus $ 7 S&H

Available in DVD or VHS

To order, call Beverly Howe


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