In today's world of "keep 'em coming back" and "level to level" network
marketing strategies, Wil's honest & real, "tell it all" approach has always made his clinics, schools and videos stand apart from the others since he started his clinics in1983, … he is now known as a pioneer in the "so called clinician world"

Because of Wil's generous & concerned personal nature, he has stood firm
on his commitment to share what he calls "THE REST OF THE STORY" Since at he is willing to continue to extend his format and spend a week at a time with a privileged few, the opportunity is truly a priceless one.

Wil Howe is a unique mixture of cowboy, horseman and philosopher, having spent over 40 years making a living strictly around the horse, from the cattle range to the competitive world of showing. Although he specializes in reined cowhorses, he and his wife, Beverly have trained over 20 different breeds for a variety of events. From this they have developed a well-rounded knowledge and appreciation for all horses and what it takes to train them successfully, with a solid, lasting foundation, to build the versatile, "all around" horse. This knowledge has been capsulized into a formulated, sequential program that is easy for horse and rider to comprehend.

Having "been there...done that," Wil understands and can identify with those who are truly searching for help. He has endured the frustrating process of trial and error and can save his students the grief. Wil's is the voice of "reality and results". We're talking training horses and getting down to the details that count, .practical, tried and true.

If you can ask the question, you're going to get the answer. "What you put out is what you get back" is a point that Wil stresses in training, and this applies equally to what can be learned in the school. Those with the ability and willingness to apply themselves and invest the energy can actually leave the school having attained the resources to successfully advance a horse to any performance level or specialized event they choose.

There is individual goal-oriented instruction by both Wil and Beverly for each rider and their horse. While Wil is a "speed reader" of horses, helping people to understand what there horse's needs are,… Beverly is a pro at breaking down mental blocks and getting a person beyond where their problems in riding are keeping them from advancing. Truly a "coach of coaches," her years of studying how riders affect a horse's reactions have proven invaluable. Personal attention is given to each student to help them improve their seat, leg aids, hands and timing, and proper, effective use of spurs

The Original WHR From Foundation to Finished Course... "a full meal deal."

Wil Howe's School of Fine Horse Training is truly a one of a kind, an intensive "Classroom in the Corral". Our "hands on" program is geared for the serious horse person, regardless of their level of experience, who truly has a desire to advance their skills. Each session is limited to only eight riders and no spectators, which allows us to form a close relationship with our students.

The seven-day session allows us to elaborate on Wil's "Philosophy of Horse Psychology, " which actually is a way of life, and the basis for
his entire program. The course follows our "From Foundation to Finished ©" Training Program Training Program which is presented in our video series. Starting with the ground work, Wil shares his all-important "Guidelines for Acceptable Equine Behavior." Students are guided through his 10 Steps and the variations used to advance horses from the snaffle to the bridle. The week-long session fully encompasses the training process required to prepare a horse for a finished bit, and is the main emphasis of the school. This will give students a complete understanding of the techniques involved in the handling, reining training, and "tuning" of a bridled horse. This art of finishing horses, Wil's specialty, is rarely offered to the public.

The Wil Howe School of Fine Horse Training is truly an institute of knowledge... more than most students find comprehensible at first. It is a course that addresses the full range of horsemanship, (see below). From understanding horse psychology to ownership, maintenance, and care, including health, training, tuning, and advancing to one's goals…from basic horsemanship, covering all the "little things that count," to the refined art of finishing training, Wil and Beverly fulfill the school's reputation for excellence in teaching.

The Wil Howe School of Fine Horse Training Oregon location in the summers is a small rustic horse operation in Northeast Oregon not far from Hells Canyon and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. In the winters, they hold their sessions at their Southwest Out Post in Cochise, Southeast Arizona.

In Richland, Oregon, students quarters are simple summer bunkhouses, or your Living quarter trailers, Campers and motor homes are welcome. A home cooked, organic garden fresh Breakfast and refreshments are available daily at the outdoor kitchen BBQ/campfire area, In Arizona, folks are served lunch daily at the ranch and stay at local accommodations in town. After a full day of riding, the evenings are left open for potluck BBQ dinners, where students enjoy the camaraderie around the campfire while reviewing the day's accomplishments.

Saddle time includes not only lessons in the round pen and arenas ,and our our own custom natural trail course in the cottonwoods, but out on high desert trails as well so we can apply our training tactics and expose the horses to all conditions and obstacles.

Each student is allowed the opportunity to ride one of our Wil Howe Ranch geldings for a brief period during the school for comparison purposes. This insures that students fully grasp the steps involved in the Wil Howe Training Program.

Wil & Beverly are a dynamic team of down-to-earth instructors, sharing the" "Wil Howe message" of horsemanship which is a philosophy and way of life developed and seasoned through the years. Humble and receptive individuals, these two have acquired immeasurable experience, insight, and knowledge that they willingly share with all that come.

We provide the finest education for the "hungry horseman."
Your thirst for knowledge will be quenched!

  • In-depth equine psychology
  • Personality traits - reading and dealing with your horse's character
  • The roles of physical confirmation and mental disposition
  • Leadership in groundwork
  • More effective, in-depth round penning techniques
  • Safe hobble training and squaw hobbling-understanding the truth about restraint training
  • Bitting-up exercises with several variations, depending on individual factors of each horse
  • Applications of softening stretches and physical therapy exercises for enhancing collection and "carriage of frame" for the horse while ridden
  • Traditional snaffle bit training with emphasis on collection, flexibility, and control for all disciplines
  • Training and tuning horses of any age through the 10 Step Program
  • Practical use and understanding of traditional Californio Vaquero reining training techniques
  • Advancing through a series of bits into the finished bridle
  • Effective techniques for use of hands, with details of handling reins, control, and timing
  • Improved "harmony in the saddle" and breaking hindering habits through self-awareness exercises while on horseback
  • Practical application of leg aids and body control for safety while trail riding
  • Tack and bit discussions
  • Ownership - picking the right horse for you
  • Care and management of horses and facilities based on individual goals
  • Health care tips from experience
  • Overview of equine dentistry and the effect of poor dental health on performance
  • Overview of equine chiropractic adjustment benefits
This is not a "dude ranch", but a school that teaches you
how to train and finish horses.
We expect only earnest and eager students,
willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


Private Clinic Sessions and Month Long Training Programs can be arranged by appointment. Call for availability.


Richland, Oregon

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Cochise, Arizona